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GA's been out and about all day, so just sat down to peruse Beth Mason's newly-released R-1 ELEC report.   You know, that long- awaited line-item allocation of the 52K in street money she declared on her 6/24/11 filing.


Well, the same entry that caught my barnyard pal, Da Horsey's attention also caught mine.  This one:

A total of $4,100 in 'street money' paid to... Alex Lesiak, and no address. Why so much money, and why no address?

GA may have found the answer to the second question.

Because as far outside of Hoboken some of these street money recipients are: Bayonne, Kearny, Rutherford, Clifton and Jersey City to name a few, Mr. Lesiak lives far, far outside of Hoboken.

How about the southern side of the Potomac River directly across from Washington D.C.?

The address for Alex Lesiak, GA found in this Hoboken Journal report of Beth Mason canvasing payments for Tim Occhipinti's 4th Ward special election is: 325 23rd Street, Arlington, VA.

What's Beth Mason doing paying a whopping load of STREET money to a guy in Arlington, Va.?

Here's some info about the city of Arlington, per the Lord G-d Wiki:
Given the county's proximity to Washington, D.C., Arlington is headquarters to many departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States, including the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The many federal agencies, government contractors, and service industries contribute to Arlington's stable economy, which has made it one of the highest-income counties in the United States. 
Are you getting the picture?

Mason paid Lesiak $1,000 for "canvassing" for Tim Occhipinti last November.  She dumped another $4,100 in "Street Money" on Lesiak in her most recent election.

WHO is Lesniak?

Here is a Google satellite image of his Arlington address:

An office building. Not a residence.

Here's what we know.  Beth Mason has been funneling thousands of dollars to this D.C.- area address. For local Hoboken elections?

Suuuuuuure.... *wink*

The money's going into someone's coffers.

Wanna guess whose?

Does the name start with the letter 'Bob'?  In exchange for... what?


  1. Not sure what conclusion to make. But I did find it odd enough to take a very close look at it. First, I did believe the correct spelling of the name was the more popular Lesniak.

    It is not spelled that way on Mason's ELEC. So that caught my eye in addition to the fact there were two entries back to back of payments to Alex Lesniak with no address.

    That told me to look THERE. So now I see you are looking there too.
    But again, I'm not sure on any conclusion. Much of this ELEC report has a certain odor.

    Who was communicating with all these people with Spanish surnames in their native tongue. It was certainly not Beth Mason, not likely the consultants from Bluewater Operations who are not paid for their friendship and likely not Alex Lesniak.

    Is there any other public official, say a mother of one in town who might be available for such duty?

    But she too is not paid for friendship and does not appear on any of the Mason Street Money Report.

    Since Judy Tripodi booted her off the City Hall payroll, she found a lot of work to do last spring uptown in the 2nd ward. Yet, no record of her benevolence on behalf of Beth Mason.

    Ah Hoboken, I love the smell of.....

  2. Ha! Smarty-pants you brought it to my attention that I'd added the 'n' to Lesiak... I stand corrected!

    Looks to me like she's gifting someone in D.C., a special someone... don't send him flowers when you can send him street money.



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