Girlz Rule

Move over Boyz of Summer, the GIRLZ are here.

This Friday LA (Little Avenger) went fishing off the dock on Lake Sebago at Harriman State Park. 

Here she is landing her 10th fish as the boy fishing beside her hadn't caught even one.  I was feeling sorry for him, even gave him 2 of our live worms.  But still bupkis for him.

Well, he finally caught one.  Phew.

But by the end of the day my girl had caught 21 fish!  I kid you not.

The adults watching on the beach were joking that she kept catching the same fish over and over... or that her fish were plastic.  Boo hisssssss....  nasty grownups. Others (adults) who were fishing that day caught 3 or 4 at most.

So I promised her a blog post.  LA didn't like the title, 'Girlz Rule'.  She thought I was bragging.

So what?  That's what mothers do.

Final score:
BOYZ-  1
Girlz rule.