EXCLUSIVE: Hijinks at the BoE

This  is for our FBI friends to ponder. GA is nt saying anyone is guilty of anything, but this is all very curious.

How did Teresa Burns obtain a the QSAC results letter she passed out at last night's BoE meeting which is not available online?    Did Burns file an OPRA request or... was it improperly obtained?

But more troubling...

GA spoke to the woman handed the ORIGINAL letter directly from Burns, , former BoE member Jean-Marie Mitchell.  

Check this out:

Mitchell stated the sheet Burns handed her was on ORIGINAL letterhead- a higher grade of textured paper NOT standard laser or color xerox paper.  Further, the letter was all in black print signed in BLUE ink.  It was the only one of it's type; the other copies were printed on blue stock.

Presumably this exchange was recorded by the BoE videographer and will be televised in a few days. 

Burns addressed the color controversy this way on Patch:

So Burns used an ink jet color printer for a two-color result?   Maybe.

But that doesn't get her off the hook, because it still means that she copied it from a two-color original.  It had to have been in her custody to get a two-color COPY. Simply put, your copy doesn't appear in more colors than the original it's copied from  .And, by the way...

OPRA'd documents are BLACK and WHITE copies.

IF Burns had the original document in her custody, how would she have gotten it?   

From someone at the BoE.

If true, this may be mail theft.  Or just plain old hijinks, a hit job on the Kids First majority. 

GA doesn't have the answers- yet.  Only questions.