Carmelo on the Scene

Yesterday GA received word from Joseph Branco, local business owner and friend of HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, regarding Carmelo's whereabouts on Sunday:
I spend the entire afternoon with him making trips to each building checking up on the generators and being the ice from both of my bars literally emptying out both bins and giving it to anyone that wanted ice.  

And he sent these:

Now we know where Carmelo was on Sunday.   PROPS to Carmelo and to Joe for helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene at the HHA. 

Unlike some members of the City Council who went MIA in their constituents' time of need.

Truly, Garcia stood by the HHA residents the day after.  But his actions the day BEFORE are in question.

From a comment GA reader greengarnet posted yesterday: 
There are any number of places where dynamic information could have been made to (HHA) residents: notices in the lobbies, elevators and communal areas, on the "website", and via information disseminated by employees on premises to residents. It is unconscionable that Mr. Garcia would convey a sense of safety to residents by letting them think that unplugging drains would keep them safe instead of helping to inform of the mandatory ground floor evacuation.

Patch noted one HHA resident whose daughter became frightened at the power outage and wanted to know why 'common rooms' weren't reserved for residents who wished to evacuate their apartments.

The mayor warned of possible 100mph winds blowing out windows on Thursday.  And told residents to prepare a 72-hour supply of food and non-perishable food.

Some in the HHA are without land lines and access to the internet. They would have needed a piece of paper in their had or a notice  somewhere in the building where they would have seen it.

  • Why didn't Executive Director Garcia have this done? 
  • Why didn't he disseminate the information about emergency preparedness?   
  • Why did he suggest unplugging drains instead of mandatory evacuation (the city shelter was a Wallace school) for first floor apartments?
Executive Director of the Housing Authority Carmelo Garcia said in a phone call on Sunday he did not tell people to evacuate their apartments. For ground floor apartments, he said, drains were unpluged to try and prevent flooding.
Carmelo was there for the HHA the day after, but what of alleviating some of the misery there the day BEFORE?

And as of 8:30 am this morning, the 4th Ward City Councilman Tim Occhipinti is still MIA.