BoE Hijinks Update

GA's trying to get to the bottom of what happened at the BoE last night regarding the '2-color' QSAC letter that was given to Jean Marie Mitchell by Teresa Burns. 

I left a message at Superintendant Tobacks's office and am waiting for a call back now.

Meanwhile, with regard to current custody of the '2-color' letter, Mitchell provided this:
I saw (redacted) walk over and talk to Toback, and at the Diner, (redacted) said she gave the letter to Toback.  I did not see her hand it to him.

At the Diner, I asked (redacted) if she had the copy with the blue signature.  I said there was one original.  She said "I gave it to Dr. Toback."   
So the question of why a 2-color letter was given out is out there, while the letter may be back where it belongs- in Superintendant Toback's office. 

Will post any updates that come in.