Folks, would you leave your 18-month old baby with a one-eyed babysitter?

I am!

Big NEWS!  GA's invited super-sleuth One-Eye to babysit Grafix Avenger while I'm swatting away mosquitoes in the deep woods this week- sans gizmo.

Yes, GA super-sleuth One-Eye is going to be blogging here all week!  Hooray!  You'll love him- just don't  love him too when the pet you've left with a friend  hides under the sofa when you come for him.  Peeps, don't hide under the sofa when I come for you.

In fact, I'm turning over my keyboard to him today. So I have to tell you a few things. To prepare you.

OK, first: he's not a pretty sight. He looks like this:

Ugh, horrible. As you can see, he's got one frigging eye.

Which brings me to the next: One-Eye was the victim of a hideous accident which he does NOT like to discuss. If he did (discuss it) you'd hear these words:  rhinoceros,  horn,  Africa, Big Game Preserve.  So please,  if  you can avoid any discussions about being gored while on vacation in the Dark Continent by an angry mother rhinoceros protecting her young from a tourist who got too close with his Nikon 35mm camera, I would appreciate it. 

The next thing you should know about One-Eye  may surprise you, given his association with this blog and with yours truly, is he doesn't follow politics. Really!  But he knows about sleuthing. and does a heckuva job.

If you aren't familiar with his work for GA, here's some of it:
Impressive, huh?

So the fact that he doesn't follow Hoboken politics means this:  I don't know what the hell he's going to blog about.  I did ask him to keep up with local news in case something BIG does happen.

Which is why I'm delighted he's feeding the baby while I'm away.

The final thing is (shhhhhh... don't tell him I said this) that One-Eye makes plenty of typos- I clean them up before posting.

Maybe it's because... well, I shouldn't tell you about his hand. He doesn't like to talk about it. If he did, you might hear these words:  stuck, inside, paper shredder, ambulance.   I told you he's a sight to see. So be patient if One-Eye forgets to use Blogger's spell-check feature.  Just don't ask him about... you know.

OK, peeps.  Have a terrific week. And rest assured you're in good hand (the not-mangled one).

Thank you, One-Eye!

(Psssst... here's the next celebrity on my list to babysit...  think he'll say yes?)

Whaddaya say, blu?