Who Let the Dog Out?

GA received this detailed complaint from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. I've verified it with a second source.

Which head of a good government organization that espouses transparency and is president of her condo board allows her dog to nip residents and shit wherever it wants to in the garage without picking it up. This champion of open government has ignored repeated requests to put a muzzle on the beast and clean up after it. I hear no one likes stepping in shit or dodging piles of crap on the way to their cars. Anytime the residents go to the garage they have to carry wipes in case they step in her dog's shit. It's not a very nice envirmoment for the kids that live there.  This open government leader has ignored repeated handwritten signs posted in the garage to please kindly remove her dog's shit.

Hmmm... who could that be? Anybody want to guess?

Well, I certainly hope no one in her building wears Manolo Blahnicks or Jimmy Choos...  Given the place is a minefield of... um, 'obstacles', I'd suggest the residents don combat boots or maybe invest in a pair of these: 

At least until this good government advocate decides to be... good.


  1. Does she live in my district?

  2. Terry Castellano has a Maltese and Beth Mason has a Cocker Spaniel. Go figure...

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  4. Beth lives in a brownstone, so she's out. Does Ines have a dog? Castellano is not a part of good gov't groups. What about Bajardi's wife?

  5. That kind of open contempt... When one's own neighbors have openly expressed their disapprobation... I am open to any suggestions that will get through to this person. Progress demands action...

  6. Please leave this person alone. I'd rather they let their dog defecate in the garage and annoy the people in their building than defecate on the sidewalk and make it all our problems ;-)

    What a class act this person is. Time for the residents to remove her as condo board president.

  7. Seems like a lot of faux fur[y] on this one, IMHO. A matter for the condo association to handle, no matter what her board position.

    Really now....you expect those involved in Hoboken politics (especially Machine-related) to NOT be hypocrites? May I interest you in a nearby bridge that's on the market for a steal?

    Perhaps folks might be more interested in other rumored excrescences related to that property. For example, Michael Russo's alleged involvement as a possible silent partner when it was built. And whatever the arrangment might have been with the professional office space on the first floor, allegedly used for his [phantom] PT practice.


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