What a _________


In case you needed me to spell it out for you.

Mental pipsqueak turned stunt-man Timmy Occhipinti, when not READING other people's text messages aloud, is busy WRITING finger-pointing press releases that jump straight over the people he NEEDS to talk to, to the PRESS.

What a _____________.

In case you didn't get it the first time.

Now before you call me a meanie,  here's what he did.  According to Patch:

Fourth Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti asked Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Councilman-at-Large David Mello to consider rerouting $3 million in unused grant money from the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund to a park in the southwest part of town...


Here's what Timmy DIDN'T do:
  • Reach out to discuss this with  Mayor Zimmer first
  • Reach out to discuss this with  David Mello first
  • Copy Mello on the press release- see?

Timmy claims the deadline to reroute this money is tomorrow, July 20.  There's a City Council meeting tomorrow night. 

So Timmy waited ONE DAY BEFORE the deadline to pounce on this matter through PRESS RELEASE  instead of going through proper channels  in a timely fashion?

What does that tell you?

It tells you that Timmy doesn't want the grant money for his ward. It tells you he wants to LOSE it so  he can blame Zimmer and Mello, fellow 4th Ward residents, in a spectacular fashion.  Using the press.  If Timmy wanted this money, if Timmy were serious about getting it he'd be governing not grandstanding.  He would have gotten it done in private discussion with the Mayor and at the City Council. 

Not on Patch.com.

And not in the final hours before the 'deadline'.

Come on.  Say it with me.  What  a _______________.

Does anyone think that Timmy's brain hatched this?

GA doesn't. 

Beth Mason would be all over this on a usual day, but given her FBI 'troubles', it looks like the poltical operatives buzzing in the background handed this one off to Timmy.  He's the lump of clay they're trying to sculpt into a new generation leader, moreso given Mike Russo's uncertain future.

But Timmy's resemblance to an actual clay lump may prove their greatest challenge.

He's not ready yet.


  1. When are these cheap shots across the bow of the Mayor and the members of the new Council Majority ever going to end? This is really a cheap shot because its intent is to once again play political games and box the Mayor and Councilman Mello into a corner in order to make them look bad and that idiotic Occhipinti and the Beth Russo crowd look good.

    Occhipinti has turned out to be Beth Mason's ideal lump of clay; her big wet dream! He takes orders like a highly trained Doberman...he reads other people's e-mails during Council meetings and announces the sender like Dudley Do-Right; except he isn't right...ever.

    This latest stunt has all the markings of Beth Russo on it. Like Beth, it's about as subtle as an iron fist in a glove. These idiots need to be called out for tactics like this. Whatever happened to Jamie Cryan's remark after the last "democratic" reorganization..."we need to unite all Democrats in Hoboken". That's not going to be a happening thing when Jamie's Frankenstein a/k/a Tim Occhipinti keeps antagonizing the Mayor, the members of the new Council Majority and their thousands of supporters. Grow up, Tim, you bother me.


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