Future historians have rendered their verdict:

Folks, in the tradition of the WORST (according to future historians) and laziest American President in history, George W. Bush, who spent 879 days of his presidency on vacation- approximately 30%- GA's decided to take a vacation.

Do you know that lazy SOB was on vacation when briefed that Osama Bin Laden was "Determined to Strike in US"-  on August 6, 2001?  Don't believe me?   Here's the declassified brief:

Guess who gave him that vacation briefing? Harriet Miers, the cleaning lady he nominated for the Supreme Court.   

Harriet helps George read about imminent disaster- on Aug. 6, 2001

Poor Harriet had the hots for George.  See how she gushed on this birthday card...

But George only had eyes for  Secretary of State Condi Rice. *sigh*   Here's the note he wrote to her at a U.N. summit of 150 world leaders, asking for her permission to pee-pee. 

Did you know Bush was on vacation when Katrina hit? Check out the Katrina timeline, replete with pics of how our Commander-in-chief responded to the crisis.  Here's one taken on August 30, 2005 after the levees broke:

Singing Dumb-ass

Did you know the idiot didn't even KNOW about the cities under water, the thousands of displaced and starving in New Orleans, the drowned and those on the precipice of death because those in leadership were strumming guitars and going to birthday parties:

George eats cake as Katrina makes landfall on Aug 29, 2005

 If you think GA's exaggerating, check out this piece in Newsweek- NOT the so-called 'Liberal media":

The reality, say several aides who did not wish to be quoted because it might displease the president, did not really sink in until Thursday night. Some White House staffers were watching the evening news and thought the president needed to see the horrific reports coming out of New Orleans. Counselor Bartlett made up a DVD of the newscasts so Bush could see them in their entirety as he flew down to the Gulf Coast the next morning on Air Force One.

How this could be—how the president of the United States could have even less "situational awareness," as they say in the military, than the average American about the worst natural disaster in a century—is one of the more perplexing and troubling chapters in a story that, despite moments of heroism and acts of great generosity, ranks as a national disgrace.

See what happens when the person driving the nation's bus is an IDIOT?

Oh boy, GA has some mighty juicy dish about that one, circa late 80's... won't post. If I did, these are some words it would contain: Houston, Enron, parties, call girls, blow (the drug, not the act), rubbing...  better stop there.  How do I know?  Not telling. 

OK... here's one tiny excerpt:

 Those who were with the (redacted) said he did too much blow to get (redacted)

Anyway, what's my point?  I forgot.

Oh yeah!  Right. GA is taking a vacation!  Just a few days.

It's August, things are slow.  Besides, what am I  going to miss?  Kathy Zucker's imaginary 3rd child's first tooth?   I'm already on board with the imaginary breastfeeding,  imaginary medical bills, imaginary childcare solutions, imaginary traffic jams, etc. So when are we going to the mall to buy some imaginary Onesies?

Baby #3?

Ah, it's just a couple of days, people.  My friends Not-Stempler, One-Eye, FedX are always up my tuchas with tips and gossip... they never give me a break.

Unlike George W. Bush who KNEW how to take a vacation- he partied on through terrorist plots, hurricanes...  Not GA.  If anything BIG drops, I'll be BACK.

OK, peeps have a nice week.

(Can't wait for my Repub peeps to have at this one! Go! Go! Go!)


  1. Do you have to be a Republican to golf? What did Bamster do when .40 of every dollar is already going to pay the debt to China and others?


    He does it a lot.

    Oh and where's his plan? He doesn't have one. Other than golfing.
    Gallup has him at 40% favorable and falling. Back to the golf course. lol

  2. Hmmm... fascinating analogy.

    1,836 people died in Hurricane Katrina. In the nearly-week they were unattended... no food, no water, no one helping folks trapped in their homes as the water rose to drown them.

    No, Bush wasn't playing golf while New Orleans suffered. He was strumming the guitar and eating birthday cake. Tra-la-la... ooooh, yummy cake! Mmmm-mmmm good!

    I bet the 20,000+ folks starving and thirsting in the Astrodome would have liked a slice of cake, too. With some milk to wash it down.

    How many people has Obama killed on the golf course? Or how many people died while Obama spent 4 days and nights on the golf course?

    I realize what a huge national embarassment the Shrub was, but our current president needs a lot more blood on his hands before the golfing analogy sticks.

  3. Bon Voyages, GA! Well-deserved!

    Sorry little pony, but IMHO, you're sounding not-so-Smarty. Not worth parsing out, knowing you're p.o.v. seems etched in stone (an object that, IMHO, has about the same IQ as Dubya). At least you're consistent! And anyway, I defend your right, etc. But, I'd respectfully remind you that the golf course often functions as an al fresco office. Ask any MBA, CPA, CFO, CEO, etc., ad nauseum.

    ` ^
    A Bientot, GA!

  4. And let's not forget the less-than-stellar leadership under Reagan & GH Bush during the AIDS pandemic when more Americans died from this than in the Viet Nam & Korean wars combined.

    Clinton left us with a huge surplus & the legacy of the largest economic peace-time expansion in US history, only to have it squandered by the war criminals, Bush & Cheney

  5. Tim Occhipinti + serious coin + connected Daddy = George W. Bush

  6. Lots of finger pointing and changing the subject. Katrina was a storm the size of Great Britain.

    Guess some believe in the government so much, there is nothing it can't or should do to change reality on the ground.

    A lovely trend with gubmint being your daddies. Daddy is never wrong and always must be there for me.


    Who you going to blame when the $.40 on the dollar gets closer to a dollar? Who in the government is going to take care of you?

    Okay, it's time to move on to the next subject. LOL

  7. Oh, Horsey. "Changing the subject"?

    Reread the post.

    The "subject" was a president so DIM he needed his staff to make a DVD on THURSDAY showing him the devastation of a major American city that happened on MONDAY. That's what kind of an incompetent IDIOT he was, having a appointed political hacks to fill vital positions, like head of FEMA. That's the "subject" of my post.

    Now, if the idiot hadn't dispatched 25% of the National Guard to Iraq (a.k.a. the 'back door draft')- an obscenity for which he has never been called out on- the situation on the ground in NO and other affected areas would have been much better.

    Mocking the role of the federal government to manage the aftermath of national crises is rather... um... uniformed. That's what our National Guard is for. That's what FEMA is for. The "f" in FEMA stands for "federal"- not "Daddy". That would be DEMA.

    The kind of resources required to provide fresh water and food and shelter to thousands is the purview of the federal government- states are unequipped to handle that magnitude of crisis-- again, why there is a FEMA.

    To denigrate the role of the federal government to coordinate the massive needs of vast numbers of people without food and water and shelter... well, you may want to rethink that and revisit the history of disaster relief in states like Florida and Louisiana- remember Hurricane Andrew? B*sh's dad sent in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 10th Mountain Division w/supplies. I suppose you'd call that an effort to "change reality on the ground". Well, yes it was. From abject suffering to something better.

    Anyway, you may not LIKE the subject, Horsey-boy, but as the author of the post I can tell you, that WAS the subject.

    There are very few apologists for B*sh on this one. You'll be a lonely pony.

  8. Well said, GA. Now that we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the role of the Saudi government in funding these attacks and the Saudi royal family's cozy relationship with the Bush clan is getting (some of) the attention it deserves.

  9. You are hawking this idea the National Guard in 50 states available would have made Katrina go away. It wouldn't and that's an old, old argument. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Many states dispatched resources after the hurricane and they couldn't get IN. That's the reality on the ground after the magnitude of the damage to the region not just New Orleans.

    The federal government ordered an evacuation BEFORE the storm hit. The city of New Orleans did not act on it and the results were evident. The idea it can be so easily fixed afterwards when people order an evacuation order with the Federal government snapping its fingers is ridiculous.

    Forget about all those buses underwater have we? Forgot about Gov. Blanco blocking the federal government from taking control too did we? Little early to be rewriting history.

    Look at this item you probably have on your refrigerator. It's called a calendar. You are arguing about vacations years past and the country is suffering greatly from Obama's many vacations, golfing, and otherwise today.

    It's 2011 not 2006 or 2007.

    Okay, now back to the good old days. Remember when we didn't have double digit unemployment and a trillion dollar "stimulus" and....

    Hey it's all good. Let's golf. Bush made him do it.

  10. Here's a website devoted to Obama's golfing, true story, just found it:

    Back in the spring he was up to 60 times golfing - about two months of his time as President.

    Two months!

    You can fit in a few vacations with that.

    Thanks GA for the inspiring story leading to that discovery. Would never have looked it up without you. :)

  11. Where Bush & Cheney are concerned, one cannot defend the indefensible and dredging up something Keith Koffler wrote speaks volumes.

    Obama at his worst will never be as bad as those two war criminals at their best.

  12. Horse manure, Horsey. You're blaming the victims for not leaving? Nice. I guess those 20,000 who went without food and water for a week in the Superdome asked for it. Especially the kids.

    Anyone with eyes open and paying attention to the response and in the aftermath heard that first responders and equipment were SCARCE because they'd been dispatched overseas.


    Compounding the problems local officials had in responding to the disaster is the number of local first responders who, because they are members of the National Guard or Reserve, are currently in Iraq.

    Even before Katrina, some were worried that such deployments were overstretching local resources. Pentagon officials say they have the resources to handle both the disaster and Iraq, and this may be true given enough time. But it is in the immediate aftermath of a disaster when local first responders are most needed. And some of these have been deployed overseas.

    According to one National Guard officer, a day or more in response time may have been lost due to the deployment of some guard units, including Mississippi's 155th Infantry Brigade and Louisiana's 256th Infantry Brigade, to Iraq.

    "Had that brigade been at home and not in Iraq, their expertise and capabilities could have been brought to bear," Lt. Gen. Steve Blum, chief of the National Guard Bureau, told CNN. Congressman Gene Taylor of Mississippi, who lost his home to the hurricane, agreed that the deployments sapped local and regional authorities of both expertise and equipment. "What you lost was a lot of local knowledge," Taylor said, while also explaining that critically needed equipment was also overseas.

    In contrast to the fast and effective help rushed to the area by private organizations, government was abysmally slow to react.

    In New Orleans, evacuees were herded into the Superdome and forced to stay there with little food or water and no sanitation. Across the rest of the storm-ravaged area, federal and state help, in the form of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Guard, was very slow in arriving.

    On September 2, the Knight Ridder news service reported that residents in the nearly destroyed city of Biloxi, Mississippi, "said they aren't seeing the promised help, and Knight Ridder reporters along the Gulf Coast said they saw little visible federal relief efforts, other than search-and-rescue teams." Joe Boney of the Biloxi Fire Department told reporters, "We're not getting any help yet, we need water. We need ice. I've been told it's coming, but we've got people in shelters who haven't had a drink since the storm."

    Horsey, you can poo-poo this national tragedy all you want because it was 6 lonnnnnng years ago, but most others would agree that history is to be learned from so (deadly) mistakes are not repeated. Which includes electing simpletons for president.

    Oracle, I don't know why those 2 war criminals weren't frog-marched to the Hague. I mean those 2 chicken-hawk, armchair generals, 5-deferment Cheney and AWOL from Texas Air Nat'l Guard B*sh, with their whole supporting cast of Project for a New American Century (PNAC) Neocon wet-dreamers who cooked up the Iraq war before there was a 9-11.

    Here, Horsey. This one's for you:

  13. Uh oh, Horsey. This is where I jump off.

    You can snark all you like about Obama. But the Shrub was an unmitigated effing disaster on too many levels. He came into office with a surplus and left with the economy in shreds.

    He had ample opportunities to catch Bin Laden and failed every one.

    Now the geniuses of the Republican Party have foisted upon us their alternatives to Obama the likes of Palin and Bachman (the front runner in Iowa and NH). So until you come up with some credible alternative to the idiots that Roger Ailes thinks look good on TV and make for good ratings for Fox News, but are otherwise dumb as dirt, I will take my ride with Obama. Any day.

    Gheesh - do you really think that homosexuality is a disease that can be "cured" through an exorcism? What the fuck is up with that nonsense. Really, Horsey, you could do a lot better making your argument, but then you would have to cite some credible thinker in the Republican ranks who has more than shit for brains.

  14. Hey Smarty – take a look at the link- the top ten list of influential Republican “thinkers”.

    What a bunch of clowns and plain old idiots are on the list.

    I love the fact that the top two are drug addicts that should have served time in jail. Instead, they are the leaders of the Republican think tank. HAH!

    Absent Charles and George (both of whom I respect) the rest are a collective bunch of boobs with no original thoughts in their empty pea brains. So much for trusting your Republican Party Tea Baggers to lead us anywhere.

  15. Okay I give up. Please bring up ten more unrelated subjects and I'll surrender.

    Alrighty, you convinced me. I'll become a progressive and support taxation even if it kills more jobs and destroys lives across the county because even if it hurts, that's "fairness" as Obama described it talking about regressive capital gains taxes.

    As for New Orleans, if the city is told to evacuate with a killer hurricane coming and you refuse to leave, then you put yourself at the mercy of unpredictable events, CBS speculation aside.

    When neighborhoods are under water, no one is coming to fix it in an hour, a day or a week.

    Can't we all agree with a Spike Lee joint conspiracy. Bush created the Hurricane and convinced Louisiana to intentionally not take care of their weaknesses to flooding as part of his families decades long plan.

    Who are you going to blame when Moody's and company downgrades the US credit rating because spending has not been reduced as needed?

    Go ahead and blame the Tea Party and George Bush. And spend, baby spend!

  16. Here's the video that matters:

    I'll take Thomas Sowell thank you very much. Read him here:

    One of the greatest living Americans period.

  17. Smarty, dear. Your wildly-off interpretation of my post (i.e.; "B*sh created the hurricane") is science fiction, as in making shit up, but let's put our swords down.

    I have not endorsed "spending" here... is revisiting the moron who couldn't manage a disaster on our shores, who blew the Clinton surplus, who bled our Treasury of 1 TRILLION dollars on his deadly Iraq PNAC adventure, is this the same as an endorsement of "spending"? If I've posted that, it must be with invisible ink. Or only visible to horses.

    As for calling the CBS excerpt "speculation", you're saying the deployment of Mississippi's 155th Infantry Brigade to Iraq and Louisiana's 256th Infantry Brigade to Iraq are "speculation"? Okie dokie...

    A whole lotta hooey from you-ee but we must agree to disagree.

    This bickering is eating into my precious beach time. I declared some vacation, and here I am online arguing with a horse? I'd rather feed you carrots and be on my way.

  18. GA's first response in this thread has me laughing & shouting "Let them eat cake". Unfortunately, my office friends think I've gone off the deep end. :)


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