Tim Can Text

From Patch.com:
Mayor Dawn Zimmer is asking the City Council to allow the city to use eminent domain while negotiating the acquisition of park land in the Fourth Ward, according to a memo she sent on Wednesday to all members of the city council.

The city has been looking to acquire a piece of land in the Fourth Ward for quite some time now, but, the mayor wrote in her memo, "we have found no willing sellers in the Southwest."

The city has the option of asking the county to reprogram $3 million in grant money to go toward a Fourth Ward park. But, the mayor wrote, the only way to do that is to guarantee that the city will be able to purchase land.

If the council doesn't vote to allow eminent domain, the $3 million will be reprogrammed toward Sinatra Park, Zimmer wrote in her memo. The city has to ask the county to reprogram the funds no later than Thursday.

Timmy got punked.

Yesterday's press release demanding the $3 million grant be redirected for a SW park in it's final 24-hours before expiration-- a stunt to embarrass the mayor, blew up in his face today (see above).

Will Timmy vote to allow eminent domain in the 4the Ward to obtain the grant for a SW park?  

Or vote against it and let the $3 million go toward Sinatra Park?

Either way he's looking like the victim of his own superficial 'effort' to secure funding for a SW park,  not understanding the county's requirement for doing so.

GA would like to see the money go toward Sinatra Park.  Let's see what happens at the City Council tonight.


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