That Smell

Augie Torres' Political Insider  has reported  Michelle Russo- Timmy Occhipinti lawyer Michael Goldberg  is leaving Hoboken for... Rhode Island.

Rhode Island?  

That little blotch on the map?  It's right there.  You can stop rubbing it, it won't come off. It's a state. 

So the 'go-to guy' for the Who's Who of the anti-Zimmer crowd-- a successful lawyer with a busy practice-- is leaving town smack in the middle of what's rumored to be the most significant law enforcement sweep in Hoboken history.  With plenty of his friends needing the services of a good lawyer.

Does it make sense to you?

Why would he hoof it now?   To Rhode Island?
Attorney Michael Goldberg of Hoboken is leaving for Rhode Island. Goldberg has represented Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer's "loyal opposition," as they call themselves -- Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, council members like Tim Occhipinti and Michael Russo, and others -- in a number of political cases.

Goldberg has been pretty much undefeated in the legal political arena. Most recently, he went before Superior Court Judge Maurice Gallipoli when the Zimmer administration tried to knock off nine Dem Party committee people and Gallipoli put six of them back on the primary ballot.

Anybody smell something?

Where is it?


  1. Ironic that Goldberg would move to the place that is at least every bit as corrupt as Hudson County. Here's a link to a recent article on the local religion in the Providence Journal:

  2. providence mayor buddy cianci was once arrested, convicted and jailed, served his time, got out and was reelected! even hoboken can't beat that!

  3. He'll fit right in.

    JAM, while we can't match the Cianci feat, we did hand Mike Russo a much larger victory after he accepted a bribe than the one he got before. And I do think Anthony Russo has at least a puncher's chance if not better to win that ward if he wants it.

    If the black cars haul too many people away, that calculus would have to be re-visited.

  4. Indeed, RI rivals NJ for political corruption, so perhaps Esquire Goldberg has a ready & waiting client pool. Just curious---was he attached to the same firm as Cammy---the one that specialized in getting over in elections?

    One might wonder about any statutes at any level anywhere, that would permit a convicted felon to run for any elected office.


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