Sing it, Mitzi!

GA woke up with this tune in my head... so here's a little morning music to start your day.  Wasn't she great?


  1. She's one perky Nellie, that Mitzi! Tough to fill Mary Martin's shoes, too. (What a shame Mary was considered too old to play the role in the movie version.) I didn't think Rossano Brazzi cut the mustard as Emile, though. Did you? His singing had to be dubbed by the male version of Marnie Nixon. Why couldn't they get Ezio Pinza to repeat his Broadway Emile? Not enough name-recognition in Hollywood, perhaps? My favorite Emile is that hunky South American baritone who won the Tony in the recent Broadway revival. Kelly O'Hara was such a refreshing Nellie in that one, too!

    It's so much nicer to discuss musical theatre than theatre of the absurd (Hudson Co. politics). Don't you agree, GA?

  2. Yes dear, MBB, though I don't have your encyclopedic knowledge of the genre.

    All I can say is Mitzi had to learn what us world-weary gals know about men: you can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em, but you can wash 'em out of your hair.


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