Rumor du Jour

GA's heard this from several places: a very old piece of Hoboken folklore will be traded for a 'Get Out of Jail, Free' card.

True or false?

Don't ask me.  I have no idea what it means.


  1. You must be referring to the roof top drop kick of an older beneficous and generous man that resulted in a wind"fall" to a local good old boy that was used to jump start his real estate empire. I guess he deserves it, if what I have been told about his having to "service" his benefactor is true.

  2. Not sure what you mean, k. Or that rumor.

    But I've heard it from a couple of places, so maybe someone out there can make sense of it. What could an old story be worth?

  3. The Longest Yard, with Burt Reynolds:

    "Drop Kick," two points.

    At quarterback for The Mean Fed Machine: Paul Fishman.
    Go Mean Machine!!

  4. Where to begin, there's just so much Mile Square muck.

    K notes a particular alleged tale of dung that's been floating in the political cesspool for years. There's also rumored offal involving other "usual suspects," going back to some of what's documented in "Delivered Vacant."

    Obviously, the relative value of any "bargaining chip[s]" would depend on compelling (incontrovertible perhaps?) evidence and also statutes of limitation.

  5. MBB, you're a hoot.

    And you've raised a great point; there are so many floaters out there, which one to choose? The one that floats by first? The one that stinks the most? The one that won't sink? Does any particular bit of this old fecal matter cry out for justice like an unavenged ghost?

    Who knows?

    Not me. I don't (really) deal in rumors, I deal in factoids. And whispers.


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