I Spy

Here's an interesting little morsel that's been waiting for a slow news day.

The Grafix Avenger blog is under surveillance. No, not by the FBI or the U.S. Attorney's office.   My cyber-spy is a "specialized, global expert services firm dedicated to assisting clients in creating and protecting value in the face of critical business risks and opportunities."

Got that?  Neither did I.

But they started coming on May 13- the time frame of the FBI's arrival in Hoboken- and visit GA  up to 20 or more times a day, from Washington D.C., Chicago, and now, Virginia.

These aren't the Feds.

It appears to be a rather posh, private consulting firm providing services for major U.S. and global corporations and the U.S. government.

So what the hell are they doing at GA? 

And WHO has the kind of money to pay for this elite consulting service?

Hmmmm...   I'll post some excerpts from their site so you can  you understand some of what they DO.  Which may help you figure out WHO might desperately need their skill set.
  • Disputes and Investigations: We bring together former law enforcement officials, prosecutors and regulators, forensic accountants, computer forensics specialists, litigation support professionals, and industry experts to support companies and their legal counsel anywhere in the world.
  • Disputes and Investigations: As the risks of global business grow, regulatory agencies and prosecutors worldwide are becoming more vigilant in rooting out industry-wide fraud and corruption. In this environment, companies must remain informed and proactive and maintain robust compliance programs. These steps are the best way to mitigate risks and present a solid defense to any investigation or prosecution.
  • Forensic Accounting: (Our) technical accounting and auditing experts provide forensic accounting, damages analysis, discovery management and other litigation support services. Our technical accounting knowledge and investigative methodology bring clarity and comprehension to the complex forensic accounting issues in dispute and investigative matters.

So WHO possibly might need this kind of help? With the wallet to pay for it?

Someone perhaps with some 'splaining to do?  To federal or state prosecutors?  Someone looking to explain 52K in undocumented street money?

Hmmmm... WHO it could be?   Can you figure it out?

But really, what do they think they're going to find at GA?  And I still want to know if Hell is hotter than  Virgina.


  1. GA, how do I obtain your email??? I want to send info re: above post.

  2. grafixavenger666@gmail.com

    I await you, William.

  3. Mason really is a conniving evil person to stoop to cyber spying on top of everything else she has done or paid for. Next will come the hacking of email accounts and websites. Time to change your passwords folks.

  4. hmm. maybe it starts with an "m" and ends with an "ason"??

    what's next, tracking the IP addresses of blog commenters...oh no, prob just gave them an idea.

  5. Thanks GA, sent you an email. Keep up the good work!

  6. OK, William. Your secret's safe with me. *wink*

  7. The garbled excerpts you post from their site would make them a perfect partner to one whose firm spcialized in "delivering deliverables"

    The feds can't get here fast enough to oust the oustables.

  8. Spot-on, Oracle! "Inviting indictables," indeed!


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