GA was out all day on the hottest day in memory, only to have Channel 61 (Traffic and Weather) tell me this evening it was 106 degrees in Hoboken... 

How are you-all holding up?

Please check in on a sick or elderly neighbor if you've got one.

Well, I'm paralyzed. My people are from Poland and Russia- cold places. We're not designed for global warming.  Or 106 degree days.  On a day like today, we all should be down by Hoboken's community pool.   You know, this one:

Oops, sorry!  That's Union City's municipal swimming pool, on Palisade and Ninth Streets.  Ain't it a beaut?  It's almost as nice as the one Hoboken provides for us.

And here it is, where we ALL should be cooling off on a day like today, in our municipal swimming pool- the one your hard-earned tax dollars pay for:

Ooops, I did it again!  That's North Bergen's municipal swimming pool  - my mistake!

Did you know the North Bergen complex is a-state-of-the-art facility that features an Olympic size pool, a children’s pool, and a “spray” park. In addition, it offers a picnic area, refreshments and food vendors, and basketball and volleyball courts?  Did you know that?

That's almost as great as the public swimming complex we have here in Hoboken. This one:

Aw, Jeez... I screwed up again!  This is West New York's municipal swimming pool. It must be nice to swim with a view of the Manhattan skyline.  Too bad Hoboken isn't located on a big river like the Hudson with a NYC view.  Shucks.

Now let me show you where we all could be cooling ourselves off  poolside in Hoboken:

Oh no, ANOTHER mistake!  That's the Secaucus municipal pool- they've got 3 swimming pools plus a water feature for kids in their complex.

It's not half as nice as the one Hoboken's got.  This is it:

Oh, brother.  ANOTHER mistake.  That's Jersey City's municipal pool, Pershing Field. Well, it's an indoor pool, but then it's open all year round.

Alright, I'll try ONE more time.

THIS is Hoboken's gift to it's hardworking taxpayers, the luxurious facility our City has provided for it's residents on such scorching hot summer days like today, THIS is OUR municipal swimming pool...

 Wow, I finally got it right!

And aren't you sorry I did?

By the way, it was CLOSED today, the hottest day in decades.  The gal who answered the phone at the Boys and Girl's Club (B&G) told me they were using it for a "program".   Well, at least the B&G kids got to cool off.

You did know that Hoboken's 'public' pool actually belongs to the B&G, a 501(c)3. They let us use it- sometimes.

If it's any consolation, even if it were open you'd have to be between the ages of 5 and 12 to use it.

Are you?

Further, I'm told the B&G's rule is "12 at a time" in the pool. Not bad for a city of 50,000 residents, huh?   Pretty impressive!  Let's see... 50,000 divided by 12...

Well, look.  We get what our City thinks we deserve.

I guess that's a water-filled tin bucket for hours of backyard fun. 


  1. Without using eminent domain or the Henkel sight, we might wish to re-visit an opportunity lost during the Roberts' administration - the floating pool: Hoboken is an ideal place for this concept which has been very successful in European cities.

    Once opened, the success or failure of any community pool will depend on strict enforcement of rules. As I understand it, some of the pools in Hudson County are not well run and so are not as widely used as their expense would justify.

    Meanwhile, what's the possibility of opening up the high school pool during the summer months?

  2. The floating pool is a fabulous idea, perfect for Hoboken with the NYC panorama, no land usage required and ease of restricting access in off-months.

    I don't know about the others but have heard the Union City pool is wonderful, and frequent the Secaucus Swim Center which is well-run.

    The high school pool used to be open in the summer, but hours were restricted and the season ended quite early- some time in mid-August. One could say 'better than nothing' but not a replacement for a dedicated community pool.


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