FedX Delivers Again

Well, well. GA's  FedX delivery  arrived late today.   But it's quite a bombshell.

Have you met FedX? 

He's GA's new source, so-named for his incredible access to Hoboken's FBI investigation-- which leads me to think he's a former Fed himself.  Or else has friends on the inside.  Because the guy knows more about what's going  than I'm able to publish on GA.

But I got the green light to open today's FedX package and show you what's inside.   


The Feds in Hoboken are pursuing prosecution on the following:
  • Email tampering: a serious crime which may involve violation of federal wiretap laws.  Jail time likely for those found guilty.
  • Leaking sensitive classified documents regarding Union negotiations to Unions
  • Fraud with vendor contracts (overcharging)
FedX tells me they are ready to indict on the fraud charges. 

And FedX added that "political people" will get "hurt" on the Union negotiations leak charges.

Which ones?  I believe he was referring to an elected official(s).

And consider this isn't the end; the FBI's tentacles in Hoboken go wide and deep.  What's next?

Stay tuned.


  1. Nothing about vote buying, election law violations, etc.?

    Very disappointing...

  2. No, HobokenReformer.

    Please note I said this isn't the end. They aren't finished with Hoboken.

    Frankly, the longer this drags on, the more productive it should be. Notice Timmy's lawyer is leaving town.

    Patience, friend.

  3. Being involved with the 4th ward election after serving Cammarano wasn't a good career move. Not big enough to make a difference and going to court and paying off zoning tickets with Timmay isn't doing anything for my career no matter what Augie says.

    It's time to get out of Dodge before the freight train hits and it's going to hit. I don't have enough relative experience to get hired for that big stuff.

    So I'm getting my ass out of here.

    Tmmay's lawyer

  4. It would seem that the little dive into the city's servers by the FBI has produced a cornucopia of criminal activity. Undoubtedly the relevations will be used to "leverage up" the political food chain. Sounds like a very promising start to a long hot summer.


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