Can we Stop Calling it ED?

I've noticed those letters popping up (no pun intended)  all over the Hoboken blogoshere in online debates about the use of eminent domain  to acquire SW park space.

Fine, let's talk about eminent domain, but can we stop calling it ED?  That acronym is taken.   And everytime I read it, I see Bob Dole squeezing his pencil.  Or was it a pen?

Not that I dislike Bob Dole.  He's a war hero who sacrificed greatly in service to our country. I respect him.  But that wife of his, talk about a shrew!  That was the cure for Bob's ED... swapping her for one that wasn't all honey and acid. I'm guessing every time poor Bob squeezed that pencil he imagined it was Elizabeth's neck.

I was sure we were looking at a (Elizabeth) Dole- (Hillary) Clinton presidential match-up in 2000.  Goes to show you what I know.


But I do know we have to stop calling it ED or Hoboken may be looking at a lawsuit: Pfizer vs. City of Hoboken.   (Pfizer is the pharmaceutical company that makes Viagra)

That suit would be a loser for us, just like the World Wrestling Federation lost their WWF trademark to the World Wildlife Fund. And it would bring Hoboken the scorn of millions of 'troubled' men and their bitterly disappointed wives across America. Next thing you know people would stop watching The Cake Boss and we'd be able to patronize Carlos' Bakery unmolested by tourists.  What a disaster.

So please, people.  STOP calling it ED.  How about these instead:
  • EmD
  • EDo
  • EmDo
  • Not-ED
Are we all on the same page now?  I hope so.

The last thing Hoboken needs is a costly lawsuit with a pharmaceutical giant.

The last thing I need is to close my eyes and see Bob Dole, his pencil and that honey-dipped shrew.


  1. I knew Elizabeth Dole and Elizabeth Dole would never be a Hillary Clinton.

    Most of the criticism I've heard about Elizabeth Dole was that she was too compliant with the powers that be in bringing change.

    How you managed to fit her into the terror of Shrillary beats me.
    Exactly how many shrieking episodes have you hears about with Lizzy throwing heavy ashtrays and lamps compared to Hillary Clinton?

    Besides, my womenz say when it's romper room time, they say to each other, "My man uses Levitra," before they roll onto Da Horsey.

    We are so happy. Someone needs to support our marriage equality rights.

  2. And you don't think Bill deserved a lamp or 2 flying at his noggin? I would have used a cast-iron baseball bat. Or maybe a machete.

    Well, listen. I won't debate your fondness for Mrs. Dole. Some like chamomile others prefer hemlock... who am I to judge?

    Now Horsey, I fear you've painted a picture in my mind I'm not quite sure how to remove. Romper room in the barn?

  3. Elizabeth Dole? I find it simpler to just refer to her as ED.

  4. Poor Horsey. From your confessional post, do we now call you "Mr. ED"?

  5. Mr. Ed is a family friend. He hangs out in CA at the Playboy mansion.

  6. Oh, no! Say it ain't so, Smarty.

    Lord knows what Hef's got floating in that lagoon...

    I hope Mr. ED packed the penicillin.


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