GA's antennae caught some free-floating buzz yesterday... call it gossip or the 'word on the street', but I trust this source.


Word has it an anti-Kids First (KF) slate (or merger) for next April's School Board election will be running Maureen Sullivan, John Madigan and Frank Raia - that's on the same ticket.  Uh-huh. That's what I said.

If true, the Madigan-Sullivan coupling is strange.

Madigan became virulently anti-Kids First when they voted against renewing his contract with the district and he lost his job (printer and copy machine maintenance).  Sullivan was with Kids First back then.  And Madigan was angry enough to have 2 separate verbal confrontations on the street with 2 of the KF ladies where profanities flew- from him.   So all's forgiven since Sullivan dumped KF and started chucking grenades at them?  

If true, hate makes strange bedfellows.  

Other 'school news'... GA heard that folks who 'know the right people' are able to bypass the lottery for limited space in a certain charter school; in other words admission guaranteed. Which one?

No entiendo. 

Hope springs etrernal for the Machine.

On the FBI investigation: "everyone's nervous" except Timmy- "too dumb".  And "no one's seen Mike Russo" around Church Towers, where he shares a 3-bedroom apartment with his wife and baby. It's believed Russo left town or is living elsewhere.  

GA doesn't know if that's true, but I can tell you the status is unchanged at the Russo Civic Association- it's still shuttered, not relocated.  And one more thing: the Feds were spotted photographing the building, 420 Adams.

And that, boys and girls, is today's buzz.


  1. Why would anyone want a guy on the BOE who's only skill is knowing how to hit the start button on a Xerox machine? Mind blowingly stupid to vote for a guy who is only running b/c he is upset his make-work job got eliminated. Then again, this is Hoboken.

  2. Put that it in his crack pipe and smoke it. What an odd trio indeed.

  3. Hate to sound like a broken record, but...

    How many ways can one say..."Sisyphean Sociopathy"--?

    And Pupie's kind of like the Harold Stassen of Hoboken. (Along with Ines Garcia Keim.)


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