Pot Meet Kettle

If GA's not mistaken, the accusation of playing politics with the City web site coming from the City Council lame duck majority preceded the email- jihad on Dan Bryan and Juan Melli.

It started when Mayor Zimmer posted the transcription of the FBI surveillance tape of Mike Russo's meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

Here's where one man's right-to-know how an elected official uses the power of his office meets another's accusation of playing politics.

GA's opinion?  Guess.

I think the transcript democratizes the availability of information for those without computers or access to the internet- like the elderly, or those non-users amongst us (they exist).

Anyway, old story.

What's funny here is the complaint that the Zimmer administration uses the taxpayer-financed City Hall web site to promote a Zimmer political agenda is coming from politicians who use the taxpayer-financed City Hall web site to promote their own political agenda. 

Funny in a ha-ha sort-of way.

Check it out.  Email-jihadess Beth Mason uses the taxpayer-funded City Hall web site as a portal to her campaign web site via her campaign email address.  Who's been her web site's administrator?  Partisan political operative James Barracato.

IMO, this is not an egregious offense.

What's egregious is trying to destroy 2 young men's livelihoods on a baseless claim that they're engaged in activities the accuser is doing in plain sight.  Mason wants to nail these  2 for coordinating with local media and bloggers on the City's dime, as she uses the City web site as a portal to her political campaign. 



  1. Saw an invitation to her "Inaugural Dinner Celebration" to take place next Thursday in the community room at Fox Hill. No "Paid for by Beth Maon for Queen of the World" printed anywhere on the thing.

    It's wrong on so many levels. First of all, she's already 2nd ward councilman, so why the "Inaugural" anything? Secondly, Fox Hill is no longer in the 2nd ward.

    The RSVP phone # is a landline in Morris County

  2. Does she have the right to do that?
    It's Federal Property


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