NJ Appleseed Partners with Hoboken411

Those words, written by the Director of NJ Appleseed, Renee Steinhagen to Tony Soares on March 6, 2011, denounced his suggestion that she was advocating against the HUMC sale for buddy Beth Mason and Mason's anti-Zimmer allies.  Soares had written:

Perhaps you can "shine some light" on who the officers are of your client "The Coalition for Quality Healthcare Hoboken".

As I understand it, it is made up of a group including politicos and Ms Mason herself.

You may recall Steinhagen's March 2 letter requesting a public hearing on the hospital sale- addressed to Mayor Zimmer and City Council President Beth Mason- two politicians- instead of the apolitical HUMC Board, whose jurisdiction it is to hear such requests.  A red flag right there.  And the Coalition for Quality Healthcare?  A political entity Co-Chaired by Mason ally and former mayoral candidate, Kim Glatt.

Fast forward to June 23rd, 2011.

NJ Appleseed Director Steinhagen launches an Appleseed petition to stop the HUMC sale on Hoboken411.

The only other local media outlet to feature the story, Hoboken Now, published it after it appeared in Hoboken411.  Further, another lovingly-crafted, labor-intensive Klaussen graphic hints this news didn't just drop in his lap.

Now, even MORE evidence of collusion between supposedly independent, public interest group NJ Appleseed and Mason political operative Hoboken411.   Check out their online petition.  Here's a screen shot.

There's something about that Appleseed graphic that looks familiar... where have we seen that before?


Now, if anyone thinks that Klaussen did not offer his original graphic to Appleseed, you don't know the guy.  All images, graphics and photographs, including intellectual property he's lifted from others (such as weather.com's weather graphics) are all published with the watermark 'Hoboken411'.  He does not allow anyone to reproduce his watermarked graphics while he helps himself to the property of others.

Klaussen even reported me to Blogger.com once for posting a screen shot- here's the take down notice GA received:

Blogger has been notified,according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to "draft" status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.)

Now that's what we, The Chosen, call some big-ass chutzpah!  The guy who never met an online weather graphic he didn't steal, reports me to Blogger!   So I guess GA does have a criminal record.  Sort-of.  (I scrubbed the offending image and re-posted).

Back to Steinhagen's public position:

Really?  Joint-venturing with a virulently anti-Zimmer political-operative that published this:

Does Director Steinhagen think Mayor Zimmer resembles a chimp?

Can NJ Appleseed seriously claim NOT to have joined anti-Zimmer political partisans in opposing the sale of the HUMC?  GA can't understand why a great organization like Appleseed would toss it's credibility in this mud pit.
Hoboken411 and NJ Appleseed: perfect together?

Appleseed's petition has attracted worldwide attention.


  1. I won't tell you that I'm not disturbed by the non-support we're seeing in Austria and Switzerland. That's a crucial demographic. Someone dropped the ball. No way we get the Belgians now...

    Have a look at the list of those petitioned. Dawn is the only one on the reform side. Otherwise... Timmy, Nino, Beth are near the top... Couldn't think of any other council members?

    Some corrections, Appleseeders. Next week you'll have to list Nino as "Citizen." And you'll have to change Beth from "Council President" to "Council Person." I believe the citizen designation will drop Nino down there by the great character actor, George Raft.

    Question. How much effort would you like us all to put into pretending you are acting independently, transparently, and not in service to a political agenda? Hopefully not a lot. I have been told I have my limits as an actor.

  2. PS. As a public service, might Appleseed maintain a count of petition signers who actually pay taxes in Hoboken? The unofficial tally right now is 0.

  3. Info, none of this makes sense to me. But seeing is believing.


  4. they are so concerned about the sale that they haven't updated their site in 7 months!


  5. One from Australia too. It's nice to see that Appleseeders will do Beth Mason's bidding at the drop of a hat. I hear that an alternative petition is in the works. Sign it if you care about saving HUMC and our taxpayers.

  6. Wow...shades of POG!!! Alice Crozier (it pains me to say you were one of my favorite professors at Douglass College way back in the day), meet Renee Steinhagen!!! You two should meet over tea at the manse at 921 Hudson Street...you have so much in common. Does the behind-the-scenes drama NEVER END??? DOES BETH MASON NEVER STOP THE EVIL MACHINATIONS??? She's truly like a Zombie...you just can't stop her! (Didn't want to use the "K" word, for obvious reasons) I just heard that Peter Falk a/k/a "Columbo" passed away at the age of 83 and I'm about to cry. Don't know just what I'll do when Jessica leaves us, but... a moment of silence please for a lovely, talented man. Enough of the Evil Queen for one day!

  7. The Sisyphean sociopathy of Hudson Co. politics. Forever wasting time & money on petty, vindictive dithering & ego-pandering. Stealing the public's trust & money. Feds come in, Feds go out. A few heads roll, but the infra-structure remains the same. There's always some other twisted numbskull, waiting in the wings. And ever, an apathetic electorate. A never-ending saga. Feh!

  8. Ain't That the Truth!!! Never did more a disfunctional town than Hoboken exist in reality or in the fevered imagination! Feh is right! A pox on the houses of all of the inmates who run this asylum.


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