Gift Shop

If the Franklin Mint can do it, so can GA.

Now YOU can own a piece of history, a limited edition (not really) keepsake, a reminder of the  wildly successful reign of the Council of NO, a tchochke to cherish and dust once in a while...

GA has opened a Gift Shop; Hoboken's new Stop-n-Shop for Political Collectibles. Actually, it's got one design (otherwise I have to pay Cafe Press) but it's a GA original.

So pick up your one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia* of an era that will haunt us for years to come.

(*YES it's a real gift shop, click here to visit)

For an up-close look at the original GA design:

I was inspired by the enthusiastic response to yesterday's graphic, so arranged a few of those elements into a new motif.  Like it?

I hope so.

Because if I don't make a couple of bucks off this damn thing I'm hanging up my keyboard for good.

Ahhh, just kidding.

Well, if you ask me, here's the must-have item from GA's gift shop:

I hear time goes very slowly in prison.

I've ordered 5 dozen clocks myself-  I'm giving them out as Hanukkah gifts to the NJDC- all 36 Board members plus staff.  Larry Stempler gets one, too.

So don't be a cheapskate,  shop till you drop!  

And don't complain about the prices- they're Cafe Press defaults.


  1. You're right GA, the timing is perfect for that clock. To increase sales, make it a limited time offer, so people order on a timely basis! But Daylight Savings Time could cause some setbacks.

    Interesting use of negative space! I bet you could add a couple of zeros to the price if you got all of the Old Guard council members to take a minute, hand sign it while they are still around and increase it's face value. Great second hand market for them too, I bet. Just make sure after last night's performance, Mr Russo doesn't clock anyone with one!

    Next stop, the Grafix Avenger calendar!


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