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GA's Sunday confession: the MSV "Beth Budget Meltdown" video is more addictive than crack.  It's true.

At least with crack you know what you're getting.  But with each viewing of the clip, one sees more- like the war Carol Marsh is having with her chair in the background. Carol's chair gets so aggressive in fact, she calls in the cavalry for assistance.  

Go, Carol!  Don't let that furniture get the best of you!

Here's the clip, for those who haven't see it:

Now, you-all know I've got a POV when it comes to the video star, City Council President Beth Mason. I know it, too.

That's why I decided to hold a Focus Group to watch it then give their unvarnished impressions.  To  see what others (who don't follow local politics) thought, and check my own perception of the whole thing.

Am I just too biased to be fair?

Well, GA doesn't have the bucks to hire a fancy market research firm to do a focus group study.  Nope, I definitely don't have that kind of dough.  What I do have are snacks.

So, meet GA's Focus Group-  please note the names have been changed:

Jane, age 5
Cindy, age 10 
John, age 3
Zoe, age 6
Gwen, age 5
Leo, age 2  

I sat my Focus Group down with a bowl of popcorn and home-made chocolate chip cookies, and told them they don't get any unless they watch the video.

My panel agreed, quickly.

With NO explanation of who the people were or what they were doing GA played the video. But first the panel was told they were allowed to talk about what they were watching.  And not to get crumbs on the sofa.

Their comments:

Gwen: Boring.
Zoe: This stinks.  Can I go home?
Gwen: She's mad at everybody.
John: These cookies are good.
Gwen: She should say sorry. Not yell at people.
Jane: What's a ard-it-er?  Why do they need to talk every day?
Jane: That guy is mad.  Why is he sitting over there?
Zoe: She's a bad sport. She's blaming everyone for  her own mistake.
Gwen: Yeah, she's mean. It's her fault.
Cindy: Yeah, She didn't do her job and she's mad at them.
John: Can we watch HUB instead?
Jane: Yeah, HUB! 
Gwen: HUB!
Leo: (crying) He took my cookie...

The video ended and I queried the panel. Raise your hand style.

Who liked the blond lady?   No hands.
Who didn't like the blond lady?  All hands raised- except Leo's.
Why not?
Cindy: She was like totally spoiled. Totally. When I make a mistake I say sorry.  Not blame the whole world.
Gwen: Yeah
Jane:  She didn't apologize.
What would you say to her?
Cindy: Grow up. 
Gwen: Yeah.
Jane: Don't be a baby.

And it was a wrap. 

GA's first Focus Group experiment worked out well. The panel left popcorn on the floor and crumbs on the sofa, but they gave me the answer I was looking for.

The Focus Group, with an average age of 5.2 years, agrees with GA on the behavior of our City Council President, her attitude toward herself and others revealed on camera.

Boys and girls, can we all say "July 1st"?


  1. No fair. Everyone knows Beth's sweet spot is 6-7 year-olds.

  2. Let's all be thankful that Beth Mason is completely incompetent, in addition to being fiscally malfeasancent.

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