GA Quiz: Which One is More Likely?

1. Finding the name 'Mike Russo' in the Jersey Journal article about today's "The Jersey Sting" book signing at the Malibu Diner?
2. Seeing a unicorn prance down Washington Street?

See answer below

Funny how the Jersey Journal pounced on last week's Ian Sacs story right out of the gate  yet has been soooooo quiet about 3rd Ward City Councilman Mike Russo on FBI tape accepting a 5K bribe from informant Solomon Dwek as written in the newly published book,"The Jersey Sting".

Um... isn't that kind of stuff called 'news'?  And isn't the Jersey Journal a... newspaper?

Now, often the blogs are derided as being fluff and a lot of horse manure (sorry Smarty, nothing personal) but THIS 'omission' is EXACTLY why folks turn to alternative sources for information.  Like Mile Square View or Hoboken Journal.   (If you're getting your news from Grafix Avenger can you pass me the crack pipe?  You've had enough).  The mainstream media is loyal... not to YOU but to their political or corporate 'friends'.

Not to you. 

They'll decide what you need to know. And they'll protect their friends, do them favors.

So, who's the Jersey Journal doing the favor for here: Beth Mason, who hitched her wagon to the Russos and wheeled big bucks to  Timmy in exchange for that City Council job-  or the Russos?

Maybe The Uvula knows.


  1. Spot-on assertion, GA. I have often gotten the sense from the Jersey Journal that they are trying to come off to the casual eye like either dumb like a fox, or they don't quite get the joke. But, as you suggest, the evidence is piling up on one side of that debate.

  2. Yes indeed, ply. Got an interesting download from The Uvula but not ready to publish.


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