Blood in the Water

If it weren't so dead serious it would be funny.

For web-acronym junkies, 'funny' as in  'ROFLMAO'-- not the lesser 'LOL' or even  'ROFL'.

The BANG! POW! BOOM! at City Hall yesterday raised a  mushroom cloud in cyberspace that's billowed into today, and the toxic political discourse in our city will sustain a black rain over Hoboken into the foreseeable future.

I can tell you that because Grafix Avenger had nearly as many hits yesterday as it did during the height of the NJDC Mason-smear scandal.   (For new readers, that's when Beth Mason fed a Washington PAC she'd donated $1,000 to a smear piece on GA, with the help of NJDC Board of Directors' and Mason fundraiser, Larry Stempler) 

Now GA knows a little bit about the events yesterday via those willing to comment, but since the LAW  is involved- as in 'lawsuits'- the suit nobody wants to wear,  I will keep my trap shut.

But I can tell you the whole thing is starting to smell.  Bad.

One source used the phrase "political backdrop" to describe...   I'll stop there.

But if you don't think POLITICS is at the center of the reaction to this incident, has already tainted it for anyone living within the zip code 07030, that an investigation in this bitter, divisive political climate is possible where relatives of those hostile to Director Sacs are serving side-by-side with investigators and animus toward Zimmer in the police department runs wide and deep.... if you think that it's possible to have this matter OBJECTIVELY investigated by City of Hoboken authorites... then you are NUTS. 

Or you're Beth Mason.

From her 'statement' on Mason411:

It looks like she got her bucket of chum, gift-wrapped and tied with a bow.  

As usual, she and her paid army will conflate and distort and spin and hope the black rain lasts forever.  Because they're not interested in the truth.  They're interested in holding onto power. And destroying their enemies.

I don't think this will get her or her City Council cohorts re-elected.  But it will make for some disgusting weeks ahead.

Can't wait.


  1. Mason wasn't concerned about our tax dollars when she filed one frivolous lawsuit after another against the City of Hoboken, whose legal fees and out-of-court settlements in the hundreds of thousands of dollars never found any wrong-doing and only resulted in a lower price per copy page for OPRA documents. Thanks, Beth.

  2. Just wondering what the reaction would be if the Chief of the FD found a Hoboken FD truck, illegally parked, keys in the ignition, engine running and unlocked, and could not find the firefighter responsible for the vehicle. Would anyone criticize him for taking control of the vehicle, moving it to a secure place and taking the keys with him until he found out what was going on? And when he found the missing fireman, what would people be saying if that patrol officer assualted the Chief of the FD? Do you think that the any police officer would aresst and handcuff the Chief of the FD for "stealing" the keys and illegally driving the fire vehicle? Something just stinks with this situaiton. Not sure what yet, but it smells like five day old not so fresh fresh anchovies left out on the counter.

  3. Damn straight, k.

    What if Sacs had walked away, and a child climbed in, started 'driving', possibly ended up in an accident, even (G-d forbid) hurt or hurt a pedestrian? He'd be excoriated for doing NOTHING, painted as a negligent, do-nothing coward.

    That's what Mason, her 411 rag and her Weehawken 'consultants' would be screaming today.

  4. Ian Sacs and ALL of Zimmers directors are head and shoulders above the incompetent fools of past administrations or anyone the council majority might prefer in their place.

    On any of their worst days, I'd give them, their professionalism, ethics and managment choices and in this case -- a difficult decision to be made immediately -- the clear benefit of the doubt over the cronyism, nepotism, theft and corruption that has plagued our city for far too long.

    The truth will prevail and once again, the slime and those who hurl it on behalf of the Harridan of Hudson Street, Elizabeth Regina, She-Bitch of the Masonites will have to retreat.


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