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At-Large Councilman Dave Mello, WTF?

But not for the effectiveness of the 4th Ward Vote-by-Mail (VBM)  ballot harvest, which included 550 campaign 'paid workers'-- Occhipinti won by only 406 votes-- Carol Marsh would still be the CC President and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

And WHO was a major player- if not the major player-  in that decisive 4th Ward ballot harvest that brought us  Timmy Occhipinti with a Russo-Mason majority?

His role was acknowledged in the article, "Absentee campaign in Hoboken Not a Myth":

Outside of paid votes, though, the source said, “There’s always that (absentee) push when Frank Raia’s involved.”

Raia said, “I’m making a concerted effort to get every resident of the 4th Ward out to vote. If it means we have to pull people out, if they have to vote by mail, if we have to drag them to the polls, whatever. There’s a lot of disgruntled people in Hoboken.”

Raia said of Lenz’s team, “They’re in for a war.”

His name came up again attached to (4) signed, sworn witness statements-- exhibits in the Friends of Michael Lenz vs. Hudosn County Board Elections, Timothy Occhipinti lawsuit:

Remember,   the presiding Jugde Galipolli did not rule on the merits of the case  due to the then-ongoing election fraud investigation by the Superintendent of Elections.  Criminal referrals were handed over by the Board of Elections to the Hudson County Prosecutor and now sit on the desk of Attorney General Paula Dow.

Hey, did you send your name and address yet to be included on the petition to AG Dow to get moving on that election fraud investigation?

So... for more 4th Ward  absentee ballot chicanery, just look back to the April 20, 2010 School Board Elections. 

These are the vote totals for the (2) full term seats and (1) 1-year seat on the BOE.

Checkout the Absentee Ballot totals in the 4th Ward for the Colon, Waiters and Howitt ticket.

Who was their campaign Chairperson and Treasurer?


It was Frank Raia.

To boot, a vocal Kids First opponent.

GA is confused why Councilman Mello handed him a symbolic 6th vote last night endorsing his appointment  to the Sewage Authority?

 Does anybody know?

 4th Ward Election Blizzard


  1. I'm trying to keep an open mind but Mello's vote is unfathomable. As you've illustrated Raia has run a juggernaut against reform in the recent 4th Ward special election and last year's BOE election in April. I expect no less from Raia this election season not to mention the as of yet unresolved fraud investigation in the 4th Ward.

  2. I'll speak to anyone about this vote, or any other vote, at anytime. Please email me or call at 917-699-1312.


    - David Mello

  3. I'm just grateful that we can still ward off the D variances on the zoning board.

  4. Thanks, David for checking in. I will be in touch.

    You're also invited to submit a response that can be posted. It's only fair that you are able to respond in kind.




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