Do It For The King- UPDATED

CLLICK HERE   to tell Attorney General Paula Dow (and Governor Christie) to prosecute election fraud in Hoboken.

Simply send your name and address on the email-- your privacy will be completely protected-- to be added to a petition that will end up on the AG's desk.  And the Governor's.

To 'sign' you must be:
  • at least18 years of age
  • a U.S. citizen 
  • a Hoboken resident

Here is the petition document (list of 'signatures' to follow):

The purpose of this effort is to give the AG a 'gentle push', by demonstrating  groundswell of public support for the prosecution of anyone who has engaged in systemic voter fraud in the 4th Ward election on Nov. 2.  Including the conspirators who knew of the operation but did nothing about it.

This is being sponsored by a group and is not solely a GA endeavor.

Want to know what I think?

The AG and Governor would love to prosecute corruption in Democratic Hudson County... love, love, love it.    Governor Christie's already a GOP rock star- expect his star turn at the 2012 GOP Convention, this would burnish his cred with the faithful,  and AG Dow's already shown enthusiasm for busting voter fraud in  nearby Paterson, New Jersey.

So, my crystal ball tells me it's a go- though it told me I'd be watching football at a friend's house yesterday and I ended up at Trader Joe's.  So much for crystal balls.  That's why you need to sign this petition.

Please. Click HERE to forward your name and address.

Do it for The King.

Your participation is act of civic duty to support democracy, to stand up for free and fair elections in Hoboken.  On  this day of remembrance.   Of course, the days of Jim Crow are long over, but we're still defending democracy,  fighting the same fights  with more sophisticated weapons. 

On a lighter note, LA (Little Avenger) will be honoring the spirit of MLK as she does every year, making sandwiches in brown bag lunches for the homeless shelter- with other kids from the block.   Not sure how many we usually make... between 100-200. 

Peace to you and yours.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Rev. King.

(Updated, 1/18  11 am)

Thank you, People!    These are for you:

We're at 20% of our target in less than a day... and a (slow-traffic) holiday to boot!

But there are many, many more who have yet to sign.  So please click here and forward your name and address to be added to the growing list of Hoboken citizens asking AG Dow to prosecute 4th Ward voter fraud and to support clean elections going forward.

Your privacy will be protected, you information will not be shared.

C'mon, let's go!


  1. Chills. Rev. King's last speech.

    If we've learned nothing else we've learned that powers that once seemed invincible crumble before ideas. But only when enough people demand it.

    What we face is nothing compared to what King and the civil rights movement faced. Or what dissidents have faced around the world. But the Berlin Wall is just a museum piece now. I never thought I'd see that day. Others don't think we'll see an end of election rigging in Hoboken. History disagrees.

    Shoulders to the wheel. Push.

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  3. Sure, ply. Not at my fingertips, yet. Folks are always welcome to contact the AG on their own via her web site.

    This petition attempts something different than individual direct requests.

    The purpose of submitting this as a collective is to present the AG with a singular, substantial number of Hoboken citizens 'standing up' together for clean elections.

    What I can say for now is privacy and fear-of-reprisals is exactly why it's being done this way. This list is not being published nor shared. It's going directly to the AG and the Gov.

    Hope you join! The response has been AWESOME... will update this post shortly.

    Thx, ply.

  4. Sometimes you have to stand and be counted. I don't know what risk is envisioned from privately sharing a name and address to be added to a letter which will not be made public except to the AG & Governor. I can rather easily envision the risks from inaction. In fact we already live with the realized risks of inaction.

    Individual communication has its place. So does a larger, organized gesture, eg, a petition. For all their pablum to the contrary, politicians see the world not as individuals but as groups to be reconed with. Thus, there is an important role for a petition, which cannot be replaced by individual protests; not to disparage or diminish the latter on their own merits.

    What Jim Crow and Peter Cammarano have in common is that each had their days shortened by a collective denunciation.

    In any event, sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.


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