Welcome Back Tribute

This great country (the United States of America, not that one to the north) missed you whilst you were gone...and the Hoboken blogosphere was especially quiet.

Too quiet.

On behalf of the United States of America and Hoboken, New Jersey, GA welcomes yous back to this great nation (not like that one to the north) and looks forward to more frosty blasts of wit, wisdom and creativity from your general direction.

And in your honor the above anthem. Welcome back. I believe that's the third time I said it.


  1. Thanks GA it's good to be back; mostly... I've almost forgotten the clean air, cooler temperatures, squeaky clean cities, smooth well maintained roads and infrastructure, the public schools all our family and friend's children attend and the excellent universal health care which some family members used while we there... maybe it was just a dream- a very polite dream. You have my permission to"Blame Canada" a la South Park when things get messy - I may do so myself now that I'm back:

  2. "... and that bitch Ann Murray too". I love that line.

  3. hulla, since you mention 'blame Canada' , I always wondered why we went all the way to Iraq when there was a good country to attack just to the north.

    You know, a little shock-and-awe then some skiing, universal healthcare, a Lake Louise occupation, and I'd put the Green Zone overlooking Niagara Falls.

    Now THAT'S a war!


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