Wanna Do a Mitzvah?

Before you answer that, you have to know what one is.

'Mitzvah' comes from the Hebrew word מצוה (mits-va) which literally means "commandment", but is commonly used to mean "an act of kindness".

As in good deed.

Good Jews do mitzvahs all the time, lapsed Jews sometimes, bad Jews hardly ever. But you don't have to be Jewish to experience the joy of mitzvahing!

In fact, I am going to tell you how YOU can do a mitzvah of your choice!

But first, please answer the following:

1.Which of these is a mitzvah?

a. Throwing an old lady in the street.
b. Throwing 2 old ladies in the street.
c. Walking an old lady into a moving bus.
d. Walking an old lady across the street.

What's the matter with you? Choice 'c' was not the correct answer... do we have issues? The answer was 'd'.

I'll give you ONE more chance....

2.Which of these is a mitzvah?

a. Feeding yourself.
b. Feeding your cat.

c. Feeding your ego.

d. Feeding Hoboken's homeless and hungry.

I could see how you might have chosen 'b' because your cat depends on you. But you got this one right- choice 'd'. Now you're ready.

So, here's the scoop:

The United Synagogue of Hoboken is looking for VOLUNTEERS to participate in Mitzvah Day 2010, to take place on Sunday, October 10th.

VOLUNTEERS need to sign up by October 1st, sign up here:

VOLUNTEERS, here is your Mitzvah-Menu from which to choose- PICK ONE to do. The menu is also available online:

WOW! Look at all those great mitzvahs! What are you waiting for?

Because the MORE mitzvahs you do, the better the chance you won't get kicked downstairs in the Afterlife since G-d will want your company. But if you neglect mitzvahing... well...how does roasting in Hell-fires for eternity sound?

Not so good.

Now, if you don't know I'm kidding, then I guess you picked choice 'c' on Question No.1.

Do participate in this wonderful event, helping where it's needed in our community. Here's more info:

All projects begin at 11 a.m., and the day culminates at 4 p.m. with dessert and coffee at the synagogue, 115 Park Ave.

The Housing Authority Health Fair will again feature educational contests through which children can win bicycles.

If you have any used children’s or young-adult bikes you can donate, please call Jake Stuiver at 201-978-8977 or e-mail mitzvahday@hobokensynagogue.org.

Jake, you rock!