Timmy's Absentee Ballot Army

Well folks, there's no time to waste...

A free and fair election for Hoboken's 4th Ward City Council seat is scheduled for November 2, 2010... and some folks CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN.

In order to win the battle against the machine vote, an Army has been recruited to harvest a crop of absentee ballots from HHA residents... and their recruitment meeting was held LAST NIGHT at Benny Love's, 302 Monroe Street.

Who are the Generals of this army?

In attendance at least night's meeting were the candidate himself, Timmy Occhipinti, Frank Raia, Matt Calicchio, and Perry Belfiore... and about 45 HHA residents... GA is waiting on more details.

GA has just confirmed from an attendee the above is correct.

Discussion included hiring captains for election day, attendees were told they'll spend whatever it takes, they'll do whatever it takes to win.

(Update, 6:00 pm)

My source just added this:

"And the #1 thing said by participants last night who were going to the absentee meeting was "Who's Tim?" Ha!"


  1. This is just terrible that so many people would conspire to commit election fraud. I've been told by a lit-tle birdy that Timmy is Peter Cammarano without the charm. I think the lit-tle birdy is right on the money. Someting needs to be done to keep this from happening. I don't know what yet, but I'm going to investigate and when I investigate things, I'm like a Rudydawg with a bone. Watch out, Timmy!!!

    Rudydawg a/k/a the Great and Powerful Houndini!

  2. You go girl, you run with that bone!

  3. Raia and Belfiore have hundreds of election day "street workers" listed in their Elec reports (somewhere in the ball park of 350- 400). Put nj elec in you search and check out the boe runs on or about the closest date to/after eday (Boe elections are in April so check MAY). The reports will be somewhere around 35-70 pages depending vs the 12-18 that is customary for most candidates in the state. Quite telling. In 2000 Perry paid $40, in 2008, Raia paid $75 and in 2009 Waiters paid $75 per. Inflation, ya know. It's quite an operation and I am sure the same names are on all of their reports.

  4. Interestingly, It seems that play to play has probably lowered the costs of campaigns because Belfiore's campaign donations/funds were in excess of 50k. Which is very high compared with today. Most, if not all, were high donations 2500-5000 from pacs, law firms(scarinsci, florio kenny), architec firms, engineering firms (birdsall) etc... All of course related to contracts awarded to the BOE, at that time. Now campaigns seem to be cheaper, according to some brief research of Elec reports, anyway.

  5. Not that I'm surprised but I guess this means Occhipinti won't be signing Lenz's clean campaign pledge anytime soon:

  6. Am I surprised. Not at all. Am I disgusted. Absolutely. TIMMAY has revealed himself in all of his glory as an overly ambitious, not so bright toad who is willing to compromise the election process by buying votes from the least wealthy people in Hoboken. Some charitable ethic he has going. All pretense is gone at this point that he is anything but Cammarano revisited.

  7. Correction- $75 for Mayoral race - $35 for BoE. Raia was 2009, Waiters was 2010. They have nice easy to follow lists of "workers".

  8. Here's an interesting article- you won't believe the on the record arrogance- or maybe you will:

    It looks like you were the 1st to break this story.Kudos.


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