Starting Over

It's that Day After (the Day of Atonement), and my conscience is clean as a whistle; purged and guilt-free, remorse-- all gone! I'm ready to start sinning again.

How about you?

We've got the next 364 days to disappoint the Almighty, so let's get cracking! Atonement Day 2011 is a long way away, and there's plenty of good karma to wreck. Shall we begin?

Or as the Japanese say: 行きましょか!

Here's a photo I found in my Inbox this morning:

So what, you say?

A bag of garbage and a loaded garbage can. What's the problem with that?

Well, you know that Realtors' mantra: location, location, location.

And I'm told this one is illegal. For a couple of reasons.

Not a hanging offense for sure. But a violation of a local sanitation disposal ordinance- perhaps, and certainly a crime of good neighbor-ship. Because when your neighbor dumps their crap where it doesn't belong, it impacts YOU and your enitre community... it's unsightly, possibly unsanitary, an invitation to critters for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

So WHO performed this selfish, thoughtless and INCONSIDERATE dumping of trash in their neighborhood, you ask?

Here's your answer:

Timmy Occhipinti, candidate for 4th Ward City Council!

That's his new campaign headquarters, if you didn't know. Imagine that. Dumping garbage illegally in the 4th Ward- using a public trash can for one's personal garbage AND putting it out on the wrong night. Now, Timmy'd better put those on his list for Atonement Day 2011.

I wonder if he'll get a summons...

Like I did for doing the same thing. Yes, I'm a sinner. A few days after leaving a bag of garbage on the corner of my street too early, I received a $75 summons in the mail with-- get this: a xeroxed photograph of my garbage with a time/date stamp on it!

YES... my bag of garbage was actually searched through and an identifying piece of mail traced it's ownership to me.... that's how it went down. $75.

You can bet your life I NEVER did that again. G-d and the City of Hoboken were avenged.

So, I wonder if Timmy O. will get similar treatment...


  1. GA

    Hope that you had a blessed day. I had a hhhhmmmmmm moment yesterday and was wondering if you can you explain, probably not, why TIMMAY and his handlers thought that Yom Kippur was a good choice to open their headquarters? Kind of like scheduling it on Easter. Bizarre.

    BTW, the trash was from the opening festivities.

  2. Oh, thank you khoboken for pointing that out.

    Not that all human activity must stop on that highest holy day on the Jewish calendar, but one would certainly expect a POLITICIAN who wishes to represent a diverse ethnic and religious community to show more respect to his future Jewish constituents.

    Was there also live band?

  3. GA

    Was not on the invite list, even though I am from the hood, so now sure exactly what merriment went down. I did walk by with the dog and looked inside - actually has all the charm of an ex student council president and recent grad's first crib, resplendent with that vomitous yellow paint on the walls and with the requisite hand me down sofa prominently displayed in the window for some stragetic chillin' time. But who signed the lease? Was there a security deposit required? A guarantor? Very curious that Mo's boy TIMMAY has the bank to be funding the effort. For more insight, check out the Political Insider column in the Hoboken reporter. More merriment and laughs. A thinly veiled reference to you, GA, forms the basis for the lamenting theme of the dirge about those awful bloggers and what can the true, responsible "politicos" do about them. Seems you are fast on your way to becoming the source for news and the inside scoop in town. LOL.

  4. Well, Hell is still defrosting from GA being called a "news outlet" in the Mason poll. I guess that's the result of thinking 'news' is fabricated in a lab or by a team of paid operatives.

    I've been told Sullivan hates me, calls me 'Toxic Avenger'. He's another one mistaking a pure blog for a news and information vehicle, and elevates it to one when he gives it exposure.

    I certainly don't mind.

    It sounds like Sullivan wants free speech controlled. Why? He doesn't have to read GA, no one does. What's his problem?

  5. Ga

    Because you, da Haorsey and that big galoot have gone and wrecked his world. You dang bloggers post randomly and have access to and use all sorts of gimmicks (photos, graphs, GRAPHIX and information (ELEC Reports) that drive him nits - he used to control the news cycle which was the weekly printing of the Reporter - now - all hell breaks loose during the week and he just can't handle it - the fact is he has become basically irrelevant and a source of amusement and ridicule and nothing more than an apologist for the corruption that is endemic in Hudson County. Bill Brennan is the new A.

  6. One of Sullivan's problems is that he confuses his gossip column with "news." The fact that his column appears in print does not qualify the mud-slinging and rumor mongering as news. Gossip yes; journalism no.

  7. Ga

    Sometimes I actually laugh out loud when I read his column. I liked how he referred to TIMMAY's campaign as "surging". Surging with what - old Guard Plan B spin meisters looking to buy their way back into control of the City Council? What is there objectively that would lend any credence to that statement? I guess he still thinks that just because something appears in his column then it is true. How can he let that crap be printed under his by line?

  8. GA

    Also, he doesn't even mention the fact that Bet's minion and web master has been outed as the king of multiple screen name offenders and author of a heap of bile.

  9. k, why would he bite the fin that feeds him?


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