Pictures Don't Lie

Folks who think the reformers, including so-called 'reform bloggers', move in lockstep, pay attention.

As GA was taken to task recently by a Horse, today I must scold a Giant.

Today he ran a story about a flier that 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason has been circulating. Here it is:


So you think she's wrong, you big galoot?

Think again.

Politicians in City Hall DO want to keep your money- they stuff it in their pockets and buy swag with it: designer purses and high-priced call girls. Fancy cars and trips to Atlantic City. Gold teeth. Except for Councilwoman Mason.

She wants to give it BACK. To you.

She says it's $20 million, you say it's $12 million-- what's the diff?

What's the point of keeping the cash and maybe paying off some of the principal on the city's high-interest debt that will put us in better fiscal health?

Or holding onto that $8 million set aside for cops and firemen's raises when arbitration is complete? What do they need the money for?

That 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz-guy thinks a municipality of our size should hold a reserve of $10 million... what does he know? Just because he's worked as a CPA, Financial Vice President, and Municipal CFO. And currently serves as Facility Manager and Unit Chief responsible for budget and operations for 15 buildings at Hudson County’s Meadowview Complex. Jeez, you're going to listen to him?

Well, I don't want some of the surplus back, I want all of it.

And so do you.

Because I saw you at that future Beth Mason rally calling for the return of the $20 million surplus, down by City Hall... that's right, and I took your picture there:

A-ha! Caught in the act!

Just remember: pictures don't lie.

Neither do people.