Pants on Fire!


Tim (Carroll) on Tim (Occhipinti) in today's

But he hasn’t responded to a campaign pledge put out by his opponent last week calling for an armistice on paid campaign workers who vote absentee.

In these cases – one of the more common circumstances where paid votes are obtained – the voter’s vote can be verified by campaign backers, unlike in a voting booth, before payment is given on the basis of being a campaign worker, although rarely is work required.

Occhipinti said he has nothing to do with any absentee campaign. “I’m personally not pushing absentees.”

Oh, no you didn't, Timmy!

QUICK! Somebody grab an extinguisher and put out the fire on Timmy's pants!

If you are NOT pushing the absentee ballot harvest, then what were you doing at the Absentee Ballot Army RECRUITMENT meeting on Tuesday night?


Witnesses have you right there, while the 45 or so HHA residents in that room were indoctrinated into the cult of Occhipinti,being told why you must win and how they are going to help you with a bountiful harvest of absentee ballots.

Now, look who's supporting Timmy:

His coalition is building. A cadre of influential locals met to strategize recently: Assemblyman Ruben Ramos; 3rd Ward Councilman and local powerbroker Michael Russo; former Board of Ed president and real estate developer Frank Raia; 2009 mayoral special election contender and former municipal judge Kim Glatt; and businessman Michael Novak, a City Council candidate on Cammarano’s ticket last year.

Sound familiar?

Surely these exiles from Cammarano Island are supporting Timmy O. for his platform, his ideas about improving the 4th Ward, his stand on the issues...

Here are Timmy's thoughts on the issues, captured on his web site today:

No wonder Timmy's got The Machine behind him!

Look at his plans for the 4th Ward!

There they are... a blank page.

No wonder Timmy's getting so much help to fight the machine vote with a harvest of absentees.

No wonder.


  1. Timmay has now got an electoral chance,
    and apparently a big hot fire in his pants,
    On Ramos, on Russo, Novak and Raia,
    He is now the ultimate absentee playa,
    Perhaps it is time for a Jib-Jab dance.

  2. GA

    I hope thatyou did nto miss this gem from the same article.

    Occhipinti said, “Our campaign appreciates any and all support to get me elected to serve the residents of this ward. We’re not exclusive.”

    Nice to know that he has no standards whatsoever.

  3. Tim Occhipinti: Carrying on the work of Peter Cammarano!

  4. The blank page says it all.... he's a blank slate which makes him the perfect protege for the team that brought us Cammarano.


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