Mile Square Grinder

Remember Frank Romano?

He's in the lower-right corner of the above graphic.

Look, he's smiling.

He was our almost- School Superintendent until contract negotiations broke down in the 11th hour and Hoboken lost him. For good.

I heard that Romano's unsettled terms were an insurance policy against the hostile political climate hanging like a cloud over this city (remember Maureen Sullivan's one-woman jihad against him?) If Kids First did not hold their majority and Sullivan's slate, Real Results prevailed, Dr. Romano would have been stuck with a Board that opposed him and would likely have made his job a living hell. So that was the backdrop for the contract negotiations that imploded. Romano was anticipating a screwing and wanted a safety net.


Who scooped up this excellent candidate after we practically ran him out of town on a rail?

Franklin Lakes, NJ. Lucky them.

Yes, Hoboken lost a highly-qualified candidate after a very nasty, public campaign against him led by a sitting member of our School Board, although he was chosen by a 7-2 majority of its members.

Ask yourself: how does this help Hoboken attract future top-tier candidates?

We might attract a few Sodomites or Masochists, or maybe a combo.

See Frank smiling in the graphic?

That's because he's NOT working here. And because he's actually earning 2K MORE in a cushy NJ suburb, not putting up with the chronic political nastiness that infects this town.

Good for you, Frank!

Bad for us!

So yesterday, Hoboken's Corporation Counsel, Michael Kates, resigned. You can read all about it on MSV and HJ.

Well folks, a little birdy told me that the reason Kates quit had everything to do with the kind of nasty, disrespectful, grandstanding show-ponyism, Abuse Theater that our City Council meetings have devolved into, and... think about it. Why should a highly-respected, talented, successful PROFESSIONAL continue in this dysfunctional partnership for one second longer?

That's my advice to ANYONE in a abusive relationship: GET OUT.

So listen up teams, if we are going to attract and KEEP good people the show must not go on.

Photo: original photo of Michael Kates, Mile Square View.


  1. GA

    Well said. I wondered how long he would last. My fear is that the same type of behaviour will wear down Liston and Sacs, who appear to be the next in line favorite punching bags. Did their predecessors ever experience such despicable conduct from the public and the council members? Did Mr Corea, who STOLE money from Hoboken ever get treated this way? Someone has to put a stop to this nonsense.

  2. Anyone who doesn't own a porkpie hat and a roll of pennies is just playing to the wrong crowd. For the love of Mike, when will they figure it out?


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