Message from Mason

In case you're not on Beth Mason's email list (I'm not either) here is the message that she forwarded early this morning. It's her statement on the police redeployment and layoff-prevention plan announced by Mayor Zimmer yesterday.


  1. Dear GA,

    You have outdone yourself; I think I just split my sides! Ms. Mason is such an ammunition dump, it's hard not to lob a hand grenade now and then.

    Your Fan,

  2. She might as well hand her council seat to Tom now and stop wasting everyone's time and fueling divisions in the community; she's working hard to ensure that it won't be hers come the spring. Go Greaney!

  3. Wonder if she realizes how inconsequential she'll be in June.

  4. GA

    You have captured her essence and vacuousness perfectly.

  5. GA

    Al gave you another shout out (don't be SILLY, he didn't mention you by name) in his column this week. That makes it two weeks in a row. You are really getting to that sleaze bag. But its fun, its the new finding Nina for me.

  6. Sunday evening, I was at a dinner party where Depends needed distribution while this was being read aloud.


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