Kates' Replacement Hired

Meet Hoboken's new Corporation Counsel.

Isn't it a miracle how quickly land use expert Corporation Counsel Michael Kates was replaced with another qualified professional? One who will look out for us "all the way"!

Thank goodness our mayor has a TV.

Because we know luring qualified professionals for the role of punching bag in Hoboken's Abuse Theater (a.k.a. biweekly City Counsel meetings) wouldn't have been easy.

Welcome to Hoboken, Mr. Gates!

(pssst... you forgot to put Bayonnes's area code in your commercial)


  1. GA

    He looks like he would blow away at the first strong gust of wind that came along.

  2. Whether we win or lose Hoboken would only pay if we win! I like that concept for our lawyers.

  3. It is true I almost always root for the independent but personally I like and respect this man. He's an original.


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