Graceful Exit

I was checking books out for LA (Little Avenger) at the Hoboken Public Library the other day and looked up to see the image of a now-familiar face grinning at something or someone past me.

Emily Grace.

The 45 year-old Hoboken woman who was last seen in New York City on August 1st, whose family is desperate to find her.

What a relief to read this morning that she appears to have relocated to Florida, which means she is still among us. Of course, the mystery deepens, but I'm not sure that's the public's business. I say I'm 'not sure' because for those who may have worried or even searched for her perhaps some explanation is in order.


But it is curious. How many of us might want to up and leave our daily lives behind with it's stresses and responsibilities, and of those of us, how many could actually do it? Where children are involved. And other folks who rely on us. And jobs. Of course that assumes leaving was a choice.

Was it?

I'm guessing the answer lies on Ms. Grace's hard drive. What kind of correspondence was she having and was it voluntary?

The bottom line is, it looks like she's alive, which is good news. So those posters all over Hoboken can come down... once that's confirmed.