Cruz-ing with Timmy

David Cruz, spokesman for the Occhipinti campaign, races his bike,
while his former boss, L. Harvey Smith, races to jail, one of 45 indicted for
corruption along with Hoboken's Peter Cammarano in Operation Big Rig

Look who's in the back seat of that speeding Jersey City Police car!

It's former acting Jersey City mayor and NJ state assemblyman L. Harvey Smith!

He's going (directly) to jail!

Too bad he doesn't have one of these:

Well, Mr. Smith was caught up in that same FBI sting that netted this guy:


So what do indicted criminal L. Harvey Smith and 4th Ward City Council candidate Timmy Cammarano... uh, I mean Occhipinti, have in common?

They have the SAME Communications Director, David Cruz. The guy on the bike.


  1. With the Cammarano team bringing us Occhipinti I'm beginning to suspect a clone- time for the DNA swab- if he isn't he will be when they're finished with him.


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