CC Videotape Glitch?

So, I went through Parts 1 and 2 of last night's City Council meeting videotape, checking and re-checking for approximately the 10:14 pm mark- Lane Bajardi's turn at the podium- to pull his Bhalla quote for my earlier post.

It's not there.

Is it a technical glitch? Did he end up on the cutting room floor? Is there even a cutting room?

I notified the videographer so he can correct the glitch and upload the missing portion. All I want is the correct quote.

But I'm reminded of an incident where a portion of a BoE videotape went 'missing'.

In fact, I started a thread over at Hoboken Revolt on the topic back in December 2009. I remember being upset because I'd missed the November 17th meeting where the long-awaited school audit and test score results were presented, and had wanted to watch the tape. But no luck. It didn't exist.

In fact, audio was eventually recovered, but no video. The videographer was later fired by Interim Superintendent Peter Carter.

Here's a spoof I did on the topic, which appeared in The Hoboken Journal.

I'll update this when the video becomes available.

(Update, 2:00pm)
Dan Bryan has notified me that the videographer had trouble with the online version but the complete version will be televised (Channel 78, late Friday).

Funny how only the Bajardi portion seems to be missing.

I guess I'll DVR it.


  1. Interesting, very interesting. Amazing how that very portion has "issues".

  2. A conspiracy theorist might say it's been 'Swibinski-ed'.

    Do you know any conspiracy theorists?


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