Bert Tomolli, Duped?

A reliable source tells me that 'Bert Tomolli' is in fact a third party, not the tomato-sauce guy, who is orchestrating a conflict. The goal of the conflict would be to hurt the Mike Lenz campaign and influence the outcome of the 4th Ward race for City Council.

Given that ALL of Bert Tomolli's posts are self-referential, any conclusions drawn about the authenticity of them are postulations; the input of my source leads me to smell a set-up.

There is evil out there, folks.

And it's very clever. With nothing to lose.

I've pulled the original post until the truth emerges.

(Update, 5:30 pm)
Just to let you know, I accidently hosed Tom Bertoli's post this afternoon when trying to edit my own (date correction). So I called Tom to inform him, and we ended up having a polite conversation; no harm no foul.

It's pretty clear some jackass was pretending to be him on , blogging as Hudson Sheep, trying to stir up trouble on the blogosphere. Tom's welcome to re-post as I told him, and to post at GA anytime.


  1. Darn if that ain't the funest reading I did this weekend. Baa, Baa, Baa, the bleat goes on.

    But this bleating has been exposed. Bet someone ain't going to like this. When you toss out a lot of coin, you pay for other to be smart enough not to expose themselves.

    A flat out million post tax flushed down the tubes with both Fin Boy and Hudson Bleat on the receiving end but undoing the paymaster.

    She's not going to be happy.

  2. One has to wonder why she, the Queen of Transparency, has based her political campaign on deception and lies? If she is so "transparent", why doesn't she just come clean, admit that these slime balls are on her payroll and apologize for thinking that the electorate in Hoboken is so dumb as to fall for this garbage? But that would be the smart thing to do and it would render these scum suckers impotent and without jobs. And since it appears that Bet does not have an original idea in her brain and relies upon these operatives, I guess that we are stuck with these clowns until Ricky gets tired of throwing money down the toilet.

    But the really good quesion to ask is who told Bet she looks good in yellow?

  3. I'm trying to come up with a nice handle for these 2 meddling non-residents - to rehab their image.

    Children's TV comes to mind, with its ready supply of beloved figures.

    Which do you think would work best to launch them on the comeback trail into the hearts and minds of real Hoboken citizens who actually have to live with whatever public mess these two create in the name of private gain?

    Bert and Scurvy or Bert and Squirmy?

    Bert is Bert, of course, and a lovely shade of Occhipinti yellow.

    And both Scurvy and Squirmy convey different aspects of the life-form living in a tidal puddle to our north that it thinks (shhhh...) is the ocean.

    Scurvy suggests the ravages of a diet lacking an essential nutrient; in this case truth. The 8-named, half-brained sub-crustacean is essentially forbidden from ever telling the truth. That would hurt business. Defaming, slandering, lying, etc - are just business, nothing personal.

    And Squirmy suggests that repeatedly caught oozing thing in the bottom of the boat that no one wants to pick up long enough to throw back.

    Tough decision, though I slightly favor the 1st choice.

    Oh, and keep shepherding those sharks, Bert. Whatever that means..

  4. That's so good Info, I want to bump it up into the post.

    I'm partial to Scurvy, myself. It would work nicely with words like 'scurrilous','scoundrel' and the ever-popular 'scumbag'.

    Can we throw in Bet for an unholy Trinity?

    Bet, Bert & Scurvy... 3 peas in a pod.

  5. pssst... Scurvy isn't cool:

  6. The winner IMO is SCURVY!!!!!

    And I think that the three peas deserve their titles - Bet, Bert & Scurvy! ROTFLMAO.

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  9. Well for my part I regret typing that smart-alecky post - as dictated to me by KHoboken. K was suffering from a recurring wrist ailment which also affects the temporal lobe, as a consequence of which, K may not recall the entire episode..

    The division of labor was, as I'm remembering it now, that I wrote all the parts that are funny and inoffensive, and the rest came from K.

    Yes, I'm certain that's the way it happens in the story the way I plan to tell it going forward..

    A question remains tho. How did that story get in Politicker? Is it that much of a sieve? With no set ballot how can there be 600 absentees? The story begs a lot of questions. Does Politicker care? Can one of the candidates pin the Lindbergh kidnapping on the other one and get away with it?

  10. Info


    LOL I think somewhere I noted that Tim S is no real dope and that he let the story get planted - not sure what purpose, though Maybe just to see hoe it would all play out. Somehow, I don't think the final result was what anyone expected, or planned.

  11. You 2 make a dangerous tag-team.

    The bottom line: we've identified a phony Sheep in our midst and put him out of the fakery business.

    It's mission has backfired; the Sheep's target is more resolute than ever about not getting involved in the 4th Ward race, and even had a friendly conversation w/yours truly.

    So, the Sheep's subterfuge was a miserable failure.

    That's the story that unfolded here.

    Cheers, Info & k.


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