Al's Jihad

Between atoning for a truckload of sin and some broken Commandments plus caring for my Little Avenger, I've fallen behind on reading: blogs, newspapers, etc.

That's why I count on YOU people. To tell me what's going on outside the GA bubble.

So's here's a shout-out to khoboken, who wrote this:

For more insight, check out the Political Insider column in the Hoboken reporter. More merriment and laughs. A thinly veiled reference to you, GA, forms the basis for the lamenting theme of the dirge about those awful bloggers and what can the true, responsible "politicos" do about them.

Thanks for the heads-up, k.

Now, Al Sullivan hates me. He privately calls me, "Toxic Avenger". Once he wrote about me, incorrectly calling my volunteer service on a municipal board a Zimmer appointment. When I emailed him a correction request because I was unanimously appointed by the City Council, not the mayor, it was ignored. Whatever. I don't dislike the guy.

So I read his latest column.

Well, Al's identified a big, BIG problem for Hoboken's POLITICIANS (read: Mike Lenz), and it's the BLOGS (read: Grafix Avenger, Hoboken Journal, MSV, the so-called Zimmer-friendly blogs).


Was Al complaining about the blogs when Hoboken411 was the only game in town, with a decidedly pro-Mason, then pro-Cammarano bent, posting rather viciously on Zimmer's allies and the mayor herself?

Did Al call this Hoboken411 beauty "scurrilous"?

No. Why should he?

Not when at least one virulent anti-Zimmer 'friend' of Hoboken411 is one of his 'sources' who plies him with his agenda-driven 'spin', or in his source's own words taken straight off his MySpace page:

Wow. This self-professed 'Spinmaster/Hired Gun' dishes to Sullivan, which the latter regurgitates on the pages of the Hoboken Reporter.

That's not "scurrilous". That's business.

Enter the 'alternative' blogosphere.

Folks like myself, Da Kurt, Da Horsey, who were moderated out of Hoboken411 then staked out a little piece of cyberspace to post uncensored, unmoderated opinion. Al calls us "scurrilous".

Fancy that.

Let me respond to the premise of his column, it was about the Occhipinti 622 absentee ballot leak on and the backlash on the blogosphere.

  • Al says: " political website reported that Occhipinti had taken a significant lead in absentee ballots, citing a source high in the Occhipinti camp."
  • GA answers: Wrong. said in the campaign"the info came from an "Occhipinti BACKER"... which could be his mother, girlfriend or ANY supporter. Here's the quote:"
But one Occhipinti backer said proudly this week that 622 was the tally already, and absentee maven Frank Raia had yet to join the envelope party."

That 'error' allows Sullivan to set up the next disingenuous scenario: Timmy's higher ups" crying foul, complaining that it's gotta be Lenz and the bad, nasty bloggers who say mean things about Timmy.

Oh, no. We mustn't have free speech that hurts our boy.

"“None of us let out any of that information,” said former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons. “I spoke with Joe Del Priore and Mike Novak – the only other two people high up in this campaign, and they didn’t give out that information either.”"

This hasn’t stopped some of the more scurrilous Lenz-supporting bloggers from taking off with the misinformation, trying to paint Occhipinti as the next Peter Cammarano – who pleaded guilty to taking a bribe from Solomon Dwek in an FBI sting in 2009.

This has led several people in the Occhipinti camp to blame the Lenz camp for feeding the press with the misinformation. "

Ha ha ha ha... get it now?

The false premise of a "source high up" spreading a rumor which then boomarangs back to Lenz and Team Scurrilous.

As though printing that is any more scurrilous than what's written on the 'reform' blogs.

Check out Hoboken411 today, Mr. Sullivan... he's got a beauty.


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