622 Absentee Ballots

is what politickernj.com is reporting that 4th Ward Candidate Timmy Occhipiniti has amassed already- before Labor Day!

That's quite a harvest, Timmy!

You're doing much better with absentee ballot cultivation than you did with flower cultivation at your deceased community garden.

Timmy O.'s dead garden at the Boys & Girl's Club

I wonder what kind of fertilizer he used to grow those ballots?

Accrding to politickernj.com:

The absentee push in Hoboken - especially since state law loosened restrictions - has notoriously been a slimy, underbelly maneuver that takes advantage of elderly, infirmed, and unwitting participants.In other instances $35 to $50 ususally does the job, local operatives have admitted.But one Occhipinti backer said proudly this week that 622 was the tally already, and absentee maven Frank Raia had yet to joining the envelope party.This could be the push that Occhipinti needs to challenge Lenz; unfortunately it will most likely end up before a judge. Absentee ballots turn to swiss cheese in a close election that ends in court.

Well, November's a long way off.

That's plenty of time to sign up a couple hundred more dead people, not to mention the infirmed and the noncomposmentis.

Go Timmy!


  1. If he does have that many, where did he get the money to pay for them? According to the rules, one person can only handle 10 absentees. So that means he has 60 volunteers working for him that have each collected 10 ballots. That is simply not believable and further evidence that he is nothing more than Cammarano lite, backed and propped up by the seamy underbelly of Hoboken's Old Guard. If he had any character or balls, he woudl disavow those ballots immediately.

  2. They are probably referring to applications.
    You can hand them out or collect them, not so sure (Applications) count as part of the chain of custody.

    It is the messengering of actual Ballots that has a max

  3. There are no ballots yet, there are no confirmed or filed candidates.

  4. Would love to see Bill Brennan take this one on.


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