Trash or Treasure

Perhaps it was curmudgeonly of me to assume that no current residents of District 33 would be grateful to get a birthday card from their elected representative in the New Jersey State Senate, Brian Stack, as I posted the other day .

After all, this town is full of lonely,depressed, clinically insane residents who might actually enjoy getting a birthday card from a Hudson County politician.

Some of these unhinged folks might even look forward to getting his birthday card year after year. I'll bet some of those folded-paper beauties are framed and hanging above the mantles of current residents all over town. As the saying goes: one man's trash is another's treasure.

Speaking of which... I have one of these paper treasures myself.

Not from a Hudson County V.I.P., but from an even bigger muckity- muck:

That's right, people.

I was on the Clinton's White House Christmas Card list! Just me and 100,000 or so other of their best friends and donors. Maybe 200,000.

Even so... I was thrilled to get this card... unlike the one I got from the Hudson County guy, what's-his-name. Smack? Snack? Oh, right.. Stack.

Of course, 1993 was a good year for the Clinton presidency; before the '94 Gingrich-led Republican Revolution and that incident with the intern... you know, the suck heard 'round-the-world. What a colossal, idiotic embarrassment for America that was. Yeah, like most of our past presidents, from George Washington down weren't a bunch of horn-dogs. Who cares?

Only in America.

Did you ever read that piece of Republican-produced, soft-core porn the American taxpayers financed, the Starr Report?

You didn't?

Here's a tiny redacted sample of how your hard-earned tax dollars were spent by that partisan puritanical PERVERT, Independent Counsel Ken Starr, and the gang of finger-wagging, sexual-McCarthyites (House Republicans):

According to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President kissed. She unbuttoned her jacket; either she unhooked her ___________ ; and he touched her_________ with his hands and mouth.(161) Ms. Lewinsky testified: "I believe he took a phone call . . . and so we moved from the hallway into the back office . . . . [H]e put his hand ________and stimulated ________________."(162) While the President continued talking on the phone (Ms. Lewinsky understood that the caller was a Member of Congress or a Senator), she ___________on him.(163) He finished his call, and, a moment later, told Ms. Lewinsky to stop. In her recollection: "I told him that I wanted . . . to complete that. And he said . . . that he needed to wait until he trusted me more. And then I think he made a joke . . . that he hadn't had that in a long time."(164)

Oye frickin' vey!

Can you BELIEVE this stuff is what our elected (Republican) leaders put at the top of the legislative heap? And spent MILLIONS of your tax dollars on? But I digress...

So why did I get a Christmas card from The White House in '93? (Not to be repeated in '94, '95, '96, '97... and so on) Because I'd worked as a volunteer in '92 on the Clinton Presidential Campaign.

But that's ancient history.

All I have now are memories.... and my card.

That's why I should have considered others who likewise treasure a birthday or holiday card from their favorite politician as a keepsake to be passed down for generations-- like that lock of your great-grandmother's hair or your great-uncle's glass eye.


  1. At least Clinton tacked to the middle, will our current socialist president do the same? I doubt it.


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