Sorry is the Hardest Word

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word

Out of deference to Da Horsey, I haven't written about the ongoing legal matter which is being covered by Da Kurt in The Hoboken Journal.

And I don't care to get into specifics of the case. But the psychodrama unfolding is what is fascinating. The entire matter can 'go away' if 'B' simply apologizes to 'A'. That's essentially 2 words: "I'm sorry".

That offer was made through the decency and generosity of 'A'; a hand extended to a drowning man (or letter of the alphabet). It has been refused thus far.

Now, all are innocent until proven otherwise in court. I'm not a court. So am amazed at 'B' 's unwillingness to take an easy exit off a self-destructive course.

Why is 'sorry' so hard to say? It isn't even an admission of guilt. It's just an admission of sorriness. It's an honorable thing to be sorry-- it shows the humanity of the sorrowful, that he/she have considered the impact of their actions, possible detrimental effects for which they feel sorrow. What's the big deal?

Is it a macho, male thing?

Do women have an easier time saying 'sorry'?

Saying 'sorry' is easy for me. I am constantly apologizing... I just apologized to my cat for not feeding her. True. I forgot to buy cat food yesterday (cans) so she has to do with dry food for now. And I'm sorry about that.

Does that mean I am guilty of willful cat-starvation? That I didn't buy her food out of malice? That I want her to suffer? Of course not! Now all of that may be true (it's not), but the mere fact of being sorry, of saying "I'm sorry", conveys feelings at the consequences of the 'act' and does not address my intent or motive. If I were not sorry that my cat was denied her flaked tuna breakfast, what would that say about my humanity? And if I grabbed my cat's camera and ran off with it? You bet I'd be sorry.

Is saying 'sorry' for guys as hard as it is for them to ask for directions?

You know what I mean, ladies.

So, did my cat accept my apology? No. She doesn't understand English. She understands milk. So I gave her a saucer full. And all's forgiven-- for now.

That's the power of "I'm sorry".

Guys, look at the words "I'm sorry" as you would a pair of nunchuks.

You know, these things:

Macho, huh? Wouldn't you like a pair of these? Feel that testosterone surging?

So how about a pair of these (words): I'm + sorry.

The words make you stronger, not weaker. They show your emotional maturity. And fearlessness.

As for asking for directions...well, any guy that needs to ask for directions needs a masculinity check. Pronto.

Kapish, Sissy-boy?

Sing it, Elton!


  1. I'm sorry for pointing out the fallacy of arguments of those shorter than me in a sniping way at times.
    I'm sorry because I laugh at Lane's bushy eyebrows and buttery radio voice but I can't help it.
    I am sorry I raised 90% percent of Da Horsey's legal expenses to date only to probably see this thing go on to trial anyway.
    I am sorry to see that the little angry man seems to want his day in court despite having no witnesses to date.
    I am sorry to the courts that because someone is so uncompromising and untruthful(his counter claim is contradicted by a journalist on Hobokenm Patch) the court's time is being wasted.
    I am sorry that someone else who is in the wrong can't say he is sorry. It is quite sorrowful.

  2. And I am sorry that your verse doesn't rhyme.

    How about it?

  3. Silly GA, not even all my poems can ryhme but here is one:

    There once was an angry man named Lane,
    who dragged out a case and was considered insane,
    he supported politicans like Cammarano that were corrupt,
    Couldn't control his emotions at public meetings and his temper would errupt,
    If his hip hurts so bad where's the cane?

  4. "If his hip hurts so bad where's the cane?"...

    ha ha ha... good one!

    You know, I was at that event... I arrived shortly after the 'incident'. That night I snapped a lot of pics... a few show our uninjured 'friend' looking quite fine... in fact, I remember he walked up the stairs to the back of the auditorium-- I may have a pic of him there, fiddling w/a wireless device.

    Though, it could be one of those latent-type injuries... like on a timer-device. You feel fine... then suddenly you get arrested... then BOOM! It goes off!

  5. I doubt that the fake "injury" was latent,
    given that Bajardi's lies are so blatant,
    Lane seems hell bent to go to trial,
    but is really quite in denial,
    Since his conduct was the one that was flagrant.


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