Man to Watch, Bill Brennan


When I tell you that Bill Brennan, host of the new Cablevision network show The New Jersey Civil Circus is the bomb, I' m not kidding.

I love this guy.

I'm not sure if he'll blow or spontaneously combust first, but if he continues with the same apoplectic delivery of TNJCC's maiden voyage then you'd better stand back...


Watch him.

If you're paying attention, you'll feel like a bomb's exploded in your living room as Brennan rattles off example after example of real living, breathing civil employees who are suckling off your teat (figuratively speaking); gobbling up your tax dollars in truly obscene examples of waste, greed and of course, patronage.

Brennan's material is illuminating in the true sense; he is casting light on rats who screw us in the shadows. These critters sustain themselves through our ignorance and it's guys like Brennan who make it possible to root them out by discovery then collective disgust.

Bill, please watch your back. And return my email.

For those that missed the program, it's well-worth an hour of your time.

Part 1 of 2

A familiar name is the winner of his "Big Teat-Sucker Derby" of the Month, for the most egregious, shameless suckling at your wallet with a series of no-bid contracts for Hudson County municipalities and a pile of invoices for such 'services' such at videotaping a building or snapping a photograph in addition to his bill for monthly "professional consulting services".

The Hoboken Journal gives a nice summary of this segment which I'm too lazy to do.

You'll find this 'winner' announced about 2 minutes into the Part 2.

Part 2 of 2

I'll post the schedule for his next Cablevision broadcast of The New Jersey Civil Circus when I get that information.

(Update 7:35pm)
I just got a very nice email from Mr. Brennan... he appreciates the GA support and gave thanks for spreading the word. He also politely requested that I tone down, uh.... certain implications about his life expectancy, so as not to alarm his loved ones.

Mr. Brennan, I have respectfully complied.

He's going to send me the Hoboken broadcast schedule when it becomes available. I've also requested some more information about him... if I get it, I'll let you know. He is a fascinating guy.

In a second email he wrote (re: politickernj):

Check out the article "Rumana's headache" corruption flourishes up here in the burbs too!

Right after dinner, Bill!


  1. Bill Brennan is way, way out there. Earth to Brennan, Earth to Brennan, come in please.


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