Low Wattage Bulb

"Have you heard or seen this phrase?"
asks Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411, about the graffiti pictured which reads, " I (star of David) Jew York!!"

Why yes, Perry. I have.

Some of the folks who use that phrase look like this:

Others who (star of David) "Jew York" look like this:

And some even look like this:

Now, I will speak to you as I would an imbecile.

Here are things you should know.

When "Jew" is inserted in place of a verb or an adjective, it isn't friendly. No (sane) Jewish person is ever going to do so. The only exception might be when Jews are in the company of other Jews but I've NEVER heard that, not in my lifetime.

You have Jewish friends, don't you?

Beth Mason, for example.

Ask her about the notion of "Jewish Graffiti" and "Jew York". And get back to us.


  1. GA

    He is a complete and utter moron - and a never ending source of amazement. How does he stay in business?

  2. I think the Aryan Nation guys may just be promoting textiles. Sorta like quilting circles.

  3. PS. I didn't know religions had 'fans'. Live and learn. Maybe if the church had stadium seating and served beer it could link up with pre-game tail-gating and broaden its appeal.


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