I wasn't planning to post until tomorrow for a true 7-day blog hiatus, but... I returned to some big news.

So, here's one to mark the strange odyssey of former Hoboken mayor Peter Cammarano who rose like a rocket, soared for 21-days then crashed to earth; an odyssey which ended yesterday in a Newark Federal courthouse.

Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me;
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me, What a long, strange trip it's been.

What else is there to add?

For me, not much.

The once flaming-torch-and-pitchfork thirst for retribution has been replaced by dead air. The weird concoction of sympathy and satisfaction is gone.

No static, all clear. It's simple, really.

Produced in the bitter days between Cammy's arrest and resignation

Here it is.

It's not personal. It's not about a man.

It's about us.

Karma has been served.


  1. GA

    Welcome back. Hope that you adn LA had a great and relaxing week.

    As to the subject matter of your post, the problem that we still face is that the people that really gave us Scammarano are still at work and their latest incarnation moved to the 4th ward and started up his own version of the Russo Civic Association to give him some street cred. Different yea, same old same old

    BTW, did you notice that Fin Boy is the domain administrator for Bet Mazin's web site - still, as in August 2010? Why would she ever allow herself to be associated with that piece of scum in any fashion?

  2. khoboken, thank you! Yes... relaxing is the word; untethered to the lap-gizmo, able to engage the big, wide world.

    You are right about the 'as brought to you by the same old scum-buckets' (channeling Don Pardo)... it never ends. And I reflect in PC's case here that the betrayal is the point, not the human tragedy.

    NO, NO, NO way!!! Can you send me the link? Is it on Whois? Did you get a screen shot? Yikes. So he's still on her payroll, presumably. Wouldn't that pop up on an ELEC filing?

  3. There goes my zoning board appointment and visions of 50 story horse stables.

  4. Darn, who is going to represent the needs of Hoboken's livestock community?


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