Happy Friday the 13th

This was sent to me this morning from 'Perry Belfiore' (Da Kurt of The Hoboken Journal). With the message "bloggers can be monstrous".


I actually replied with a 'thank you' and a compliment about his hair (doesn't Perry Belfiore have the BEST hair? It's so voluminous, I want to poke it with my finger--not a stick. It almost looks like a possum is perched on his head, it's so beautiful and well-shaped. Not kidding, he ought to do shampoo commercials. I wonder what he eats to make it so healthy. Yogurt? Peanut butter? Egg yolks?)

Perry, I'm your hair's biggest fan! Can I get it's autograph?

Con men and pranksters take note: prior to my first cup of coffee I'll fall for anything.

So since it's Friday the 13th, I thought Kurt's JibJab theme was apropos.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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  1. Your brilliance transcends, GA.

    I like that salon near 5th & Jefferson....
    "Hair I Am."

  2. GA, not a fan of paint by numbers creativity, but this is on exception. This Jib Jab is GREAT.
    I must admit I laughed at this even harder t the "editorials" comparing me to Hannibal!

    Humor is always a welcome find,especially when you laugh with as opposed to the former which was at.

  3. TonyHoboken- Welcome back to the blogsphere! We all knew you couldn't keep the Silence of the Soares for long. You have too much to say especially now that your power has expanded to two board positions instead of one! :)

    I'll make it up to you, I will serve your liver with some fava beans and we can down it with a nice bottle of chianti. Pft pft pft:)

    BTW- The paint by numbers Jib Jab creation is mine and I sent it to Nancy as a practical joke. Also, I have no problem laughing at myself. Wish you could do the same but that ego of yours always seems to get in the way.

    By the way khoboken is not who you and Mike Lenz think it is. Mike needs to really stop listening to all your conspiracy theories. It really clouds his judgment at times.

    PS- I don't think you are Boink! by the way but I do have a good idea who Oscars date and Qdoba in my belly are. Keep on trucking!

  4. I'm dying for you fellas to make up so I can do a Hallmark card-style graphic: your silhouettes holding hands on a sandy beach... the sun setting behind you... a wave lapping at your ankles... and in script above:

    You'll see.

  5. I can't reach his hand anyway.

    RG- I can laugh at myself.
    Personally, I never said who KHoboken is nor do I care.
    To think it was you would be stupid, why would anyone with the initials K use K for an alias.

    As for the "blogsphere" The truth is-as Eva Peron would say- I never left it!
    The Blogsphere is bigger than all of us. And it's not limited to Hoboken's 3 or so political blogs.

    I think this new "Creation" is a riot.

    My liver, well I'm not interested in eating it with you, or eating it at all. It is quite healthy though. After being inspired by both You and Mike Lenz, I went on a health binge on Jan 28, 2010 and lost 30 lbs.
    I feel great.

    If I smoked I'd offer you a piece pipe, so long as you won't hit me back with a lead pipe.

    As for the "Dual Job" thing. Neither is a job.
    I am very clear headed and perform my public duties with the utmost of ethics, and conflict free objectivity.

    Careful about accusing me of clouding ML's judgement, it appears I have that effect on you too lately. :)

    Sincerely, your polar opposite
    PS-I don't even like Qudoba Grill.

  6. I'm liking this. If you 2 agree to a sit-down, I'll donate my liver to go with your fava beans.

    See? This is why more estrogen is needed in the blogosphere... too much testosterone leads to dust-ups. Behave, keyboard warriors.

    Congrats T, on your 30lb. accomplishment!

  7. Hhhmmmm.. Speculation and conspiracy theories about who khoboken is. TS, out of deference to GA, and the apparent good will evidenced in the preceeding posts, I will not sully her board. I know how to be good guest in someone's home, or barn or whatever. Just note that I have not posted anywhere for 48 hours and am not, contrary to your speculation, on line 24/7. For the record, this is an early post, it being only 10:45 pm.

  8. Tony- No lead pipe fom me but perhaps a little olive branch on a neutral website.

    I never said that I think that two positions constitute two jobs but I do still feel that unless there is some overding and compelling reason for someone to sit on two boards, it should not be granted. On that we will have agree to disagree.

    I don't think it was worth Mike Lenz's political capital to give you the seoncd slot without the understanding of you stepping down from the other. I have no issue with the stipend or even the health benefits if you were elligible to get them. The point has always been with me that reformers can't tell someone like Perry Belfiore it is not ok and then go ahead and do what they said not to do. If you don't see eye to eye on that we sill have to agree disagree on that too.

    The November 4th ward Race should have been a slam dunk. My issue is and always has been one of both princple and political ramifications of someone holding two positions and will remain as such.

    My commenting on your disapearance from the blogsphere had to do with the absense of TonyHoboken for while from the reform blog circuit of GA, MSV and HJ. As my policy is always one of inclusion I welcome posters of all kinds on my site.

    It is still getting bakc to me that you have a problem still of me getting an interview with the Mayor. I am very mindfull of the fact that I am just a blog and that the initiative was not my idea. I thought I did ask a fairly comprehensive list of questions.

  9. To date nobody has stated why Two positions is a negative.
    I completed a Rutgers planning course where cross board representation was common and in some towns encouraged as it helps with synergy. (right hand in sync with left)

    This is not two compensations.
    If Councilman Lenz made a decision based on who he thought was best of the 5 or so Hoboken Citizens WHO DID APPLY out of 40,000 who DID NOT APPLY.
    I think there are countless issues reformers have spoken of for the two decades I have participated in reform, this was never a big issus that I ever heard. especially since it's not elected office or paid jobs.

    Any bad press was inflicted by some of our own friends (Anonymously on the Blogs)

    There was one letter in the press, but there was no council policy, city ordinance or state law.

    I applied in good faith and like all of the other applicants I called Mike Russo and Terry Castellano.

    I never made a back room deal.

    Any comment to the contrary is a lie.

  10. Of course you didn't make a back room deal with the Russo clan Tony. You don't have anything to deal/trade.

    So let's stop the bullshit already.

    If I hear some politico yokel say "synergy" one more time, I'm going to throw up on them. And that'll be the last good thing done on their behalf.

    Council policy is stated right on their own form. Every single applicant including you agreed to that written policy when you notarized, signed and submitted the form.

    You've managed to get away with a second board appointment. Congratulations. I'm sure the seven other applicants feel just great about it.

    My guess most if not all of them could do just as good for Hoboken on the NHSA.

    That is unless you plan on doing something more than a millions costing pump being installed on the south side of town. Highly unlikely your "synergy" can do more good for Hoboken than that pump.


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