Geezers That Rock

It's been so long since I've done a Geezers That Rock that a couple of prime candidates have since kicked the bucket. Well, I'm short for time today, so here we go!

Any Deep Purple fans out there? Raise your hand. Me, too. What a great British band, and do you know they're still alive, together and touring?

It's true.

Now, I'm not that much of a geezer myself that I listened to them from their inception back in 1968... 42 years ago.They've had quite a turbulent history; many line-up changes, an 8-year hiatus, and only one original band member, Ian Paice (drums), remains today. But rest assured, except for the guitarist, Steve Morse, the rest are old: Roger Glover (bass), Ian Gilliam(vocals), Don Airey (keyboards). And that's why they're featured today on GTR. And they still rock.

Have a listen... from a 2006 concert, the song is Lazy off their 1972 album, Machine Head.

Do these geezers still have it, or what?

Here's another song (a fave of mine), Maybe I'm a Leo, off that same album, from a 2009 concert in Norway:

So, stop feeling sorry for yourself... get up, pick up your air guitar and remember you've still got it.