Fun with Forgery

Perhaps consciousness-of- guilt drove the Weehawken trout to reinvent himself as zimmshamm on the forum yesterday.

In case you missed it zimmshamm is an angry, immature, fact-challenged Zimmerphobic horsey-hater the likes of which you haven't seen since 12 seconds ago when he posted as:

1) HudsonShark

2) horsesbehind

3) antinucci

4) nocluedawn

5) insidersedge

6) panamajak

7) patiofurniture

8) patiofurniture3

(pick one of the above)

In fairness to our hapless sardine, there's a rumor that 2 others: a man and a woman, post under at least one of the above names. If true, shame on them for letting anchovy-boy take all the heat. With friends like that...

As for the antics of zimmshamm, for 38-minutes yesterday he riddled the forum rat-a-tat-tat! with a smear so brain-dead, amateurish and possibly criminal he puts the 'op' in between the 'D' and the 'E'.

And the target of said smear?

Wax figurine of Roman Brice on display at Madamme Tussaud's in NYC

Here's how zimmshamm started, the first of 8 similar posts:

And so on...

No kidding!

Roman Brice
, aka Da Horsey, proprietor of MSV was the "controller of cash" for the Zimmer campaign? In other words, Zimmer's Campaign Treasurer?

Not true, you say.

Well, zimmshamm has evidence:

An official "Dawn Zimmer for Hoboken Mayor" campaign check!

With a verifiable bank account number... and a date... and a.... what is that on the lower right-hand corner? A signature! Why... it says, "Roman Brice"... Da Horsey! A-ha! Caught red-hoofed!

Except for one problem.

It's a forgery.

Have you ever seen Roman's signature? To see it once is to never forget it. And that ain't it.

Somehow zimmshamm procured a Zimmer campaign check and forged Roman Brice's endorsement. That's check fraud.

In order to publish on the internet with intent to harm Brice's reputation. That's libel.

Both crimes.

Writing a bad check with fraudulent purposes is a serious offense accompanied by serious check fraud penalties for those found guilty. Check fraud specifically may involve signing another person’s name to a check, forging a signed endorsement or signature on a check, altering the writing on a check, constructing a fake check, or purposely writing bad checks to merchants. Check fraud laws may also vary state to state. Depending on the severity of the crime, the law may consider the forger guilty of a misdemeanor or felony.

In court, check fraud or forgery must be proven with the intent to defraud another person or institution. In order for prosecution to be continued, it is not required that there be proven injury to an innocent party. Practically every US state has passed a law declaring forgery to be illegal and punishable and Congress has also passed its own legislation pertaining to the crime.

What would get our boy so angry at Da Horsey that he'd link to a fraudulent check not once but 8 times?

I have no idea, do you?

(Updated 6:24 pm)
A friend whom I respect believes zimmshamm is another individual. That may be right.. or wrong.

All I can say is ALL the apples in that basket are rotten. Pick one.


  1. GA

    Whoever that cretin is, they are clearly went over the line yesterday and are certainly due for a serious mental health check up. That was one of the most deranged series of rants/posts that i have witnessed in many years.

  2. Quite a tirade. I doubt there are others posting as him. The ego isn't constructed that way. In one layer he actually thinks he is special, talented, a cut above. In another he feels inadequate. He has no intention of meeting anyone because they will see the frightened ordinary boy behind the bluster.

    That isn't a franchise to be turned over to others while the proprietor is away.

  3. Info, the turn-key operation theory is out there, but likely planted to deflect attention from a single operator.

    In a private conversation, someone told me "I've known him (HudsonShark) for years"- that's 'him', not 'them'.

    It doesn't matter, in my view. One guy or a chorus line. HS is a pathology and may be dealt with as such.

    Yes, khoboken... that absurdly forged check was not created by a balanced mind.

  4. Yet again, Hudson Co. splaying pathology.

    Health care reform?


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