Brain War

Brinkmanship is the practice of pushing dangerous events to the verge of disaster in order to achieve the most advantageous outcome.

This maneuver of pushing a situation to the brink succeeds by forcing the opponent to back down and make concessions. This might be achieved through diplomatic maneuvers by creating the impression that one is willing to use extreme methods rather than concede. During the Cold War, the threat of nuclear force was often used as such an escalating measure.

Yesterday's blog post inspired a few interesting exchanges.

I'd written that a dismal outcome was in store for you-know-who ('B') in his ongoing legal matter with a horse ('A'), but could be avoided with 2 words: I'm sorry.

Not a single person thought an amicable settlement would be reached between those 2 letters of the alphabet this morning in New Jersey Municipal Court where a court-ordered remediation is being held.

Not a one

All believed the kind of mania that fuels B's wind-baggy theatrics at City Council meetings would propel him onto a court room stage... lights, camera, action... ladies and gentleman, the show is about to begin.

I'm not so sure.

I'm thinking what may be going on in Camp 'B' is all about brinkmanship.

Say what you will about 'B', he is no dummy. Far from it. It is possible that the best possible outcome (for him) is negotiated on the cusp of war. If so, I am guessing the peace treaty will include a gag order, so we the people never know whether an apology was given or received... a face-saving condition.

That's a guess, people. The cup I drink from is half-full.

But in my view, the war is not really between sides 'A' and 'B'; it's going on inside B's head. As in the left and right hemispheres of his brain. They're just not getting along.

Which means the outcome today is at the mercy of these 2 warring halves.

Which will prevail?

The naysayers (not to be confused with the neigh-sayer) are going with a right-brain victory.

I'm rooting for his left. Hemisphere.

I don't wish him ruin, you know. Just redemption.

Say it, Rodney. To the brain.


  1. Who pays the legal fees of an unemployed man living in an expensive city with a wife and child to think of? Further who pays the fees when the unemployed man doesn't take the cheaper and simpler route of apology?


  2. Great questions that the right-brain glosses right over.

    That's why I'm rooting for the left. Brain.

  3. Lane would have been in denial,
    There was no way he was winning in trial,
    He felt like the mediator had him fleeced,
    when he put a call in to attorney Elise,
    and "Da Horsey" walks away with a smile.

  4. Within me exist these warring factions. Yet, I am just an observer of experiences. Neither are capable of "winning" for they're harmonious, a reflection of the macroscopic view of human evolution with one's existence being dependent upon the other.


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